Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday (yesterday) to Andrew James Wright!

 Here's his present!  The only thing he plays with now!!!!  My lego boy :)
 Opening cards...
 He he he....that expression is priceless!  He has many different "Andrew Faces"  :)

 Oh and a Star Wars chapter book!  Because the other thing he loves is READING!!!!!!!!
 My crazy birthday sings ;)
 He wanted a yellow cinnamon cake- and we put cinnamon roll frosting on it! 
 IT WAS YUMMY!!!!  Great choice Andrew!
 My baby.......who had colic and was totally cheeky is now 10!!!!!!!  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!!!!
 You know every year we go through this "thing" with me and the kids.  I tell them they are not allowed to grow and they say, but mommy your mom let you grow up.  And well....what do you say to that?  But I say it anyway because I really want them to grow up I LOVE IT, but I also miss all the little things they used to do.  You know.   It is sooo hard.  We have a book called Let Me Hold You Longer- makes my cry, but oh so good!!!  AND TRUE!!!! 
 I know I know- you are thinking - Dawn don't stress you have many other littles.  This I know.  And I love them all in the different stages.  And well......hello my name is Dawn and I am addicted to my children!!!!  It's a great problem to have!!!!  ***Note I am say this after a crazy day with rages and ADD craziness!  I just can't help it. 
 I mean how could I not just blow up with LOVE from this crazy face?   Andrew you are a compassionate and sensitive leader!  You love reading, legos, and helping your younger siblings.  You have mood swings like no other (well except me), and you act just like some one I know....hmmmm.....stubborn and yet just so cute!  When people ask - genetics vs. learned behaviors- look no further!  This child is proof- learned behavior is HUGE!!!  :)  he he he he he he   LOVE YOU ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here is my handsome man who loves our babes as much as I do!!!!!  Couldn't do it without you babe!!!!!


  1. Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Andrew! Have lots of fun being 10!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Andrew! I love your birthday bash posts. Boy, kids in large families don't ever get any individual attention and never have fun, huh? :)
    Much love to you all!!

  3. What a gorgeous bunch of kids! I'm bookmarking you. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I might never have found you!

  4. Oh how I LOVE your blog ~ a true blue ministry! I cry every time I read, "Let Me Hold You Longer" and I'm a kid addict too! What a breath of fresh air knowing there's another crazy mama dealing with rages and ADD too (feeling a bit defeated in this area). Is your new adoption ministry for Florida only or other states as well. Blessings, Denise