Friday, December 9, 2011 (ny)

 So- Ready, Set.......
 GO!!!!  Our big baking sale has begun!!!!  And with lots of ingredients on our counters, and ovens on, and lots of hard work.  I started baking at 8am......with a short afternoon break......kept going......with lots of time to pray for many of my friends, family, and bloggy friends.....
 We finally finished at 1:30am :)
 And with only 2 tragedies........NO CHOCOLATE WAS HARMED IN THIS EVENT.  Don't worry we didn't waste this precious cookie- it was eaten by us!  We just couldn't put it in our pretty packages!
 Jason made these labels- he loves doing things like this. 
 LOVE the way they turned out!
 We did Chocolate Crinkles.....
 This is all the stuff lined up....well most anyway there was some on the table too :)
 Christmas cookies.....
 Peanut Butter Blossoms (what my mom called them).....
 There were funfetti cupcakes as well as chocolate mint- don't these look GREAT!!!

 rice crispie bars- that is a stack of bars!
 peanut butter brownies with chocolate frosting of course!  We didn't have any bread orders or pie orders, but never fear we have some coming up!!!  :)
 And this......well this is the aftermath!!!!!
Yeah- go ahead be jealous!!!  :)  I know you are!!!!!!!! has now been cleaned, cleared, and put away....until next week when we do it all over!!!  YEAH for the gifts to bake so we can bring our next child home!!!!  TOTALLY WORTH IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

You know a lot of people say things about adoption- like why should I support your adoption.  If you don't have enough money you can't afford more children.  That is a little crazy to say.  Because how many of you have $5,000-25,000 hanging around?  So most families have to do fundraisers.

That doesn't mean we haven't raised funds on our own!!!  Because believe me we have! That doesn't mean we don't trust God to bring us what we need when we need it.  WE DO!  We have saved, cut out more extras.  We have put in some time on extra projects so we can earn extra income.

We know and appreciate all that others have given to us so we could have money to do this.  Our arms are already aching to hold our next child!  We can't WAIT (and I am totally serious- remember how bad I am at waiting?)!!!!!!!  We know we will have to keep plugging away at our fundraisers, to trust God for what we need.

I am NOT one that says - yeah....I get to ask for money.  BUT God has also taught me that reliance on myself is really not a good thing.  That we need to rely on HIM and OTHERS!  I am thankful for that.

SO that being said if you need some great ideas for Christmas gifts.......

1) Buy some food from our Christmas/New Year's Baking Fundraiser (for local people) email us or donate through paypal and let us know in the comments what you want OR.....
2) Buy a What is Good Tshirt from our side bar- donate and then tell what color/size you want OR,
3) Buy something from Olive Tree Promise- they have Superman was adopted Tshirts, monogrammed baby items, music, necklaces, art, and lots more!!!!!! OR.......
4) Buy something from Scentsy- there are many great smelling things to buy for yourself or as gifts!!!  This is a gift to me from Kasey Ellis who wants to help me raise funds for our next special child- THANKS KASEY ELLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OR
5) Simply Donate or PRAY!!!  Pray for protection of our child.  Pray that they may be in great hands until we are able to meet them.  Pray that they will know they are loved.  Pray that we will be led by the Holy Spirit to know.......when the next Wright(s) come along!

Thank you all sooo much for putting up with me :)  I value you all and the support you have given our family over the years....whether it is a comment, or an email, or facebook.  I love that the Body of Christ is online and ready to Bless each other!  THANK YOU!


  1. Yummm!!!! Everything looks wonderful! :)

  2. Everything looks SO yummy! You did a great job! I wish you lived close to us :)

  3. Praying Dawn! I know a BUNCH of us are fundraising right here at Christmas, so I pray the Lord blesses you guys ABUNDANTLY!:) Can't wait to see who's coming to your house next;)!

  4. You surely have been busy ~ well done!!!


  5. Hi all looks delicious! May God bless your efforts. We will be praying for you and any future children God wants to add to your family. We've enjoyed getting to know you via blogville.

  6. What a wonderful beautiful yummy-ness!!!! Awesome fundraising idea!