Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You might have done multiple adoptions if............

 Hmmm....wonder what is in this drawer....better check it out....
 Could that be?
 Yep, beware it's Joanna!!!!
 She loved this game which went on for a while.  Open, shut, open, shut, open, shut....she giggled and giggled and giggled :)
 Mommy getting some Joanna loving in.
 Nothing more joyful than loving with your baby....
My heart bursts with Joy with my baby girl!  Thank you God for every second I am able to hold her!!!!

OK So for some crazy humor for those of us who are really insane and LOVE doing more adoptions.....

You might have done multiple adoptions if.........

1) Your yearly checkups for your family include paperwork and notary signatures :)
2)  You order new birth certificates and marriage certificates yearly- just in case
3)  You are on a first name basis with the UPS/FED EX employees
4)  You check your e-mail & list serves a million times a day- just in case
5)  You are always looking at waiting children lists and this my child?
6)  You are the master of fundraising and could give the government tips on how to save money!
7)  You run around yelling- I'm Pregnant- just to make sure people know you are expecting again!
8)  You are "waiting" most of your life.....for your homestudy to be done, for your dossier, for your fingerprints to get back, for your referral, for a phone call from you agency, to fly to pick up you child......
9)  If you have sacrificed eating out, new outfits, fixing things, and instead are selling anything you can on ebay or etsy, and pinching any pennies you can ......for well forever
10)  If you homestudy social worker just says well- let's combine the post referral visits with you upcoming homestudy update visits :)

So here's the challenge - think of some more :) 


  1. Great List!! Love the photos of Joanna!! she's getting soooo big!

  2. I died laughing (I'm ghost writing)...guess what I have to bring to my physical this Yep, still doing follow ups for the twins and now our home study for Jael...AWESOME!!!!

  3. Ha! That is so funny! I love the pics of you loving on Joanna...she is precious!

  4. Your annual vacation includes fingerprinting at the closest USCIS office which is five hours away.

  5. Your social worker upon hearing your voice on the phone knows that you have another child in mind. ;)

  6. Too funny... Thank-you so much for the laugh.

  7. LOVED LOVED LOVED the pictures of mommy and Joanna!

  8. Love the list! The pictures are so sweet of you guys!

  9. If you find your girls playing house and the "daughter" asking the "mom" if she can keep this or do we have to sell it for the adoption! Not sure that qualifies for multiple adoptions...but my kids are learning all about craigslist!! :) More importantly, they are learning about sacrificing for others.

  10. How about when your son asks you if "this is the year you can have a family vacation" because for the last two summers, you have been saving for an adoption.

    Great list. I wish you could see my smile...

  11. Great list - I love watching the families that have been called to adopt - sadly it's so much more difficult in this country.

    Joanna is just adorable - love the game!
    Have a great day

  12. When every time the phone rings my daughters yell, "Maybe it's a baby! Hurry Mom answer it!!"

    Hope all is going well with your packing!