Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I want for my children.......

 OK time for more Joanna cuteness......loved the look on her face in this one. 
 And those eyes- just look
 I mean.....can she be any cuter?
 Joanna is saying I love the tub!!!!
 And yes I am crazy.  This became a fun thing we have done as we have added....  Every time we have brought home another child- we added a duck.  Hmmmm....has grown........and of course the front 2 ducks are mommy & daddy :)
 Joanna likes it.  And our kids will tell you who is which duck....from oldest to youngest :)  he he he
 Proof that we did indeed go out for a day on the town just Jason & I!!! 
 We went bowling (we did terrible- I think I should stick to Wii bowling instead!).  We went out to eat, did some shopping, and really just relaxed.......just us 3- Joanna still has stranger danger and screams every time she is even in some one else's arms for a while....or over an hour once :(  So we just figure she isn't ready yet.  We don't mind....
 We also went to Lafayette and went to the Acadian villiage.  It is made up of many buildings that were brought from around the state of Louisiana to this place- they even have a bayou running through and lots of pretty wooden bridges. 
 It was peaceful, and nice to just stroll around.....
Loved it!!!

So there is something I think our society is missing when it comes to our children.  This is a list of things I want for my children.......these are the things I pray over them for them (my husband and ME TOO).........daily......

Salvation, Faith, Works that match their faith, peace in God, Knowledge of the scriptures, that they will recall God's teachings from scriptures memorized and those read when needed, their future spouses, their future children, that our children will stand up for what they believe, that God gives them strength to do that, that they protect life of all at all costs, that they enjoy life walking with the Lord, that they desire to know more about God, that they have a body of Christ to learn with and from and witness to, that they witness and become missionaries in whatever they do, that they long to put God first, then family, then missions or careers next, that they take the good things from our family into their families, that they forgive quickly, that they love deeply, that they care for the WHOLE WORLD, that they see their potential through God's eyes, that they know that money is God's, that their time is God's, that this world is temporary, to laugh, love, and cherish every moment they are given to breath in and out, a giving heart, a compassionate soul, and oh so much more!!!!

This is a prayer I saw on someone's blog....sorry I can't remember who's I just wrote it down:

Prayer from Isaiah 49:3-4 "Father God, I ask you to pour out Your Spirit upon my children and that Your Blessing would be upon my descendants.  I pray that they would spring up among the grass like willows by flowing streams.  And that they would declare 'I am the Lord's' " AMEN! 

Praying that our children will rise up and help us change the world one at a time......this is my picture of HOPE.  I crush that hope many times because of my inadequacies and sins, but God restores and blesses in spite of me!  PRAISE BE TO HIM!  :)

Please keep praying for Riker and a family for HIM!  (see last post).  Until he has a family..........


  1. OH my goodness...she is so cute! Hoping you'll be at the Created for Care Retreat!?!?

  2. TOTALLY wish I could be.....but due to Saturday's announcement.....we can't....hard to explain quite yet. BUT believe me I am praying for you all that get to go!!! God is going to use this in HUGE WAYS!!!


  3. oh, she's toooooooo cute..and saturday announcemnet??? what did i miss?? going to find out...reading your old posts..did i miss something good?? :)

  4. Love your picture of Hope. Like REALLY love! Praying that for all of the children I know tonight...and for us big kids too :-). What a better place our world would be. Guess we will have to change munchkin at a time!

  5. I love this post and echo this prayer for my children. It's so easy to strive for surface goals for my children but at the heart I want them to live out the Word.
    You haven't shared the big announcement yet right? Did I miss it too?

  6. love, love , love your blog!!!love the names you suggested - thanks for joining us on our journey to bring our girls HOME:)

  7. HOPE--what a great picture!

    Without Him there is none.

  8. Nope haven't announced yet- can't.....this upcoming Saturday :)

  9. Joanna is beyond precious! Seriously I could just kiss those cheeks.
    Love the ducks too! How fun. My kids would love that! We have a picture in our home of a family of bunnies and they all have chosen which bunny they are and can name them off to visitors. hee,hee

    BTW, I just LOVE your heart Dawn. You shine so bright for HIM!!!
    Much love!

  10. Love the duck idea... so sweet.

    She couldn't be cuter!!!

    Love the pictures of the date! Ha... My hubby wont go bowling with me (because I beat him every time! 199 my high score).

    Will be looking for your post on saturday!

  11. That baby could not be cuter.

    I am not a religious person, but I wish I had a mom just like you. I hope someday if I'm ever a mom, that I am the kind of mom you are. Your children are so very lucky.