Sunday, February 20, 2011

Irresistibly Sweet....

 Like this.....
 I mean who could ask for anything more?  So sweet....
 This is Joanna's idea of helping mommy pack.  I do have 63 boxes packed so far :)  YEAH!!
 Of course I can't pack because I am snapping pictures and making sure she doesn't fall of the boxes.....
And her response is - look mom my cheeky face :)  he he he

So I was nominated by Andrea to have the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.  Again being completely illiterate when it comes to many things...I can't figure out how to copy the pic for the award....he he he....guess I'll have to wait until my kids are a bit older and have them show me :)

Ok. The rules for this one is to list five guilty pleasures.

1) Mountain favorite drink in the world :)
2) Candy, ice cream, and fudge- what can I say I have many many many sweet teeth!
3) I LOVE reading blogs :)
4) Sometimes when the littles are taking naps, and the kids are doing their afternoon quiet time rotation....I sneak in a nap.  And it always feels amazing!
5) Love going on long walks or hikes..........


  1. I love those little moments when big brothers are snuggling little sister!!! Congrats!!!

  2. So precious!! Love when the bigs love on the littles!! Cute as can be!!

    Congrats on your award! ;-)

  3. You do have a very sweet blog and I can tell your spirit is sweet too:).

    Thanks for all of your encouragement with our adoption. So far this adoption has been nothing like our adoption with our daughters from foster care. I do feel that if God can see us through their adoption, then he really can lead us through anything:)!!

  4. Precious photos - your kids are so adorable! And congrats on the 63 boxes - good work! :)

  5. SO irresistibly sweet! Love the pics, as always! :) I'm super impressed with the 63 boxes, you are super mom!

  6. Those pictures sure are cute! You're doing so well with packing - well done!
    I agree with most of your guilty pleasures (except mountain dew - I don't really like soft drink). But ice cream, fudge, lollies, blogs, naps... I do agree with!
    Hope you have a wonderful week full of preparations - I'm looking forward to seeing where the Lord leads you through this move!
    Have fun

  7. That is just totally cute!!

    And you really deserve the blog award:)

    Have a great day!


  8. Such sweet pictures! Snap away- they grow so quickly!
    Agree- Sometimes a nap is best reward...!!!!

  9. Those pictures are just precious. I have no idea how you have already gotten so much packing done. You are amazing!

  10. Just saw that you are moving to Tampa and wanted to share an excited weekend for adoptive families at Disney World...

    We are going and would love to meet you and the whole crew!!