Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pregnancy Centers......

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So I wanted to ask you if any of you have ever been to a Pregnancy Center?  I hadn't until Tuesday.  We decided to take some baby things, clothes, etc.  The below picture is what a baby looks like at 12 weeks!  12 weeks!!!!  So cute and adorable already. 
They had different "babies" at different stages.  16 wks, 20 wks, 24....etc.  They were all weighted and really they are etched in my mind.  I think the reason why is because I never carried any of our children inside me, and yet my mind always goes back to when my babies where this size.  They didn't have regular "check ups", they didn't have extra vitamins, or any of that.  In fact my children are those that are usually aborted.  You know what I mean don't you.

Their families were not wealthy.  None of our children had parents that were married.  None of them are the "right color".  Sound harsh....are you cringing yet?  YOU SHOULD BE!!  I DO EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT!  6 of our children's parents were in foster care, 1 came from a country where poverty is so profound you CAN'T imagine it without going there.

And yet....those are MY CHILDREN!  They are MY BABIES!!!!  I have no idea how they escaped the abortion mill?  I think about this a lot......because I want to remember that my children are a TRUE MIRACLE AND GIFT!!! 

I want to remember every day for the rest of my life that my children were spared from death before they even had a chance to breathe.  I PRAISE GOD FOR THIS!!!!   I praise God that they were given a chance.  That they weren't killed just because of the circumstances they were born into.  I believe whole heartedly that EACH CHILD is made directly by God.  God does not make mistakes.

You see it breaks my heart to hear of children being killed by abortion because my heart longs and aches for them.  What if they were my child?  What if they were yours?

I encourage you to go to your local pregnancy center.  Volunteer there, help them sort clothes, formula, diapers.  Give a donation.  Help lead a Bible Study or a parenting class.  Can you imagine feeling like you have no hope for your child or yourself?  How scary would that be?  Can you imagine healing from an abortion?  I CAN'T!

Maybe everyone should or shouldn't adopt- that question is tossed around all the time, but what I know is that EVERYONE should care for orphans and for the widows- This is a way to care for BOTH!

A couple of site recommendations:
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Movies that make you think.....  "Sarah's Choice", "Come What May"


  1. My husband and I are adopting from a pregnancy center in Houston. We struggled with whether or not to adopt a black/bi-racial child bc of the area we live in and our family backgrounds. But when you hear statistics that 80% of abortion clinics are in black neighborhoods, that just ticks me off and makes me just that more determined to make this work.

  2. Amen Sister! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. My heart sighs with this post (and aches). I want to go beyond. I want to take a step to help the mothers who feel they have no option or have been lied to by the world. I want to love and help with healing the fractured women who have just aborted their children before they knew the truth.

    There's no other way to say it, my heart just aches.

  4. I worked at a pregnancy center... held hands and cried with many families as they made decisions.

    God was working on my heart even then.

  5. THANK YOU for this post!!!!!
    I work part time with a pregnancy center in abstinence education. I sit behind my computer at home and students email me questions about what should I do? Do you think I have an STD? Can I be pregnant? Does your center do abortions? (no, we don't but we try to get ahold of them to educate before they regret!) With each question I get, I have to go to the throne. My heart hurts and many times I just want to throw up. EVERY TIME-I have to wait before I can respond just to pray over the question, my words, and this poor kid. Many times I have to get some music out and just praise Him and ask Him to fill me up.
    Perhaps my heart aches so badly because I was that teenager! But know without a doubt, this is where I am to be-2 Corn. 1:3-4, sharing the comfort of the one who comforted me.

    PRAISE God for the amazing ministries of these centers-not to be confused with Planned Parenthood.

    THANK YOU DAWN for the shout out!!!

  6. I feel you! As I 've shared with you before I have 4 nieces and nephews who very easily could've been victims of abortion. I'm eternally thankful to their birth mothers who gave them a chance at life. I know it didn't work out how these women planned, and my heart hurts for them because of that. But they gave their children a GIFT when they gave them life! They came from similar situations as your US children. They are such a gift and blessing to our family and we cannot imagine life without them! Thank you for posting this and advocating for life for ALL children!!

  7. It just breaks your heart, doesn't it? Can you even imagine how Christ the Creator must feel when He sees all of the pain and suffering? Thanks for the beautiful, heart-felt reminder, Dawn.

  8. Thanks for the post, Dawn. Caring for widows and orphans in their distress is embracing God's priorities.

  9. I am with you all the way sister. In my younger days I was one of those crazy people that picketed the capital and planned parenthoods in our state. I just always thought I could talk these young girls out of abortion. Thanks for posting this!

  10. LOVE THAT PICTURE of the baby! SO AWESOME!! We are in the same boat! SO THANKFUL our children made it to LIFE!!

  11. As the client services director at one of those pregnancy centers .... I have to say a big AMEN!!! :) These are the frontlines of a spiritual battle. Training provided, only a love of the Lord required. ;)

  12. WOWOW Love this post! Way to drive it home! I, too, think about this all the time. When I see them adding so much joy to our family, giving and receiving somuch love and happiness, my heart breaks in a million pieces that they could have easily been taken from us before they had that chance. Tears are flowing NOW!

  13. last month I saw my unborn baby with 4D ultrasounds that was amazing really

    1. YEA!!! I have never had an ultrasound of any of our babes, but I just love that they can do it. What a blessing!! :)