Friday, February 11, 2011

The changes in our family over the years pt 1

 Well, speaking of change.  Joanna is now crawling to things and pulling up.  :)
 I am not sure how she feels about Elizabeth trying to hold her?  he he he- she is getting very independent at times.
 But are these two just tooo adorable or what? 
 See this is what I am talking about.....
 And to top it all off.  Joanna discovered today that she can squeal!  Oh yeah for us :)  yikes.....
OK so we found a much better solution to our blockade issues.  She kept pushing aside anything we put in her way.  Well.....with packing we happen to now have some heavy "book boxes" and let me tell you - IT WORKS!!!!  Yeah :)  No more escape from baby jail :)

So how we have changed over the years in the Wright family.......

* When we first got married our marriage counseling sheets talk about having 4-5 children.  He he he he....yep and now we just think Lord bring us children that need our family :).  We have NO idea how many that will be, but we trust God does!  Big mindset change.

*  When we first filled out sheets for "what child/ren we would accept" there were some things we said no to.  Now- not worried :)  Again...this has been a long journey for us.  Not saying we wouldn't be scared out of our minds about caring for special needs, but it's just that we know in our hearts God is so much bigger.

Again.....huge changes have happened in our hearts!  I know this is something a lot of people struggle with.  I think God has given us each different ideas about it.  Sometimes we think we only want a baby, but God changes our heart.  Sometimes we don't think we can handle certain challenges, but again - God changes us.
So know that wherever you are on this- God can use you!!!!  In any circumstances- God can use you!   So don't be afraid to do what you feel led to!  Because there are sooo many in need- there is a child for you!!!

*  When we first started I wouldn't have dreamed of going to Ethiopia or doing domestic adoption.  We were going to foster and adopt any that needed a home.  Plain and simple.  BUT GOD changed our hearts again.

The funny part is that we thought doing an Ethiopian adoption must be wayyy easier than fostering- he he he.  Yeah, well, although in some aspects maybe- we have found that ALL ADOPTIONS take a lot of work.  They are all rollercoasters that we long to get off, but can't until the ride is over.  They all present different challenges, but they are ALL WORTH IT!

Now we know that ALL KINDS of ADOPTION are sooo very special, so very different, and sooo very needed.  Praise God HE changed our hearts on this :)

-So I have around 25 or so boxes packed.  Have gone through 4 closets.  Thrown away at least 5 bags of stuff!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So it is going pretty well.  :)  Around 4 weeks ish to go.


  1. Joanna is so adorable! She doesn't seem like she should be pulling herself up already. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that you brought her home? Wow, the time flies. And yes, it is amazing how God changes our minds about things. Some of the things I said no to, God said yes. And they turned out to be the biggest blessings of my life.

    Happy packing! :)

  2. Love to see God's changing power! Wonder what God holds for your family (and mine!) over the next year!?!?

    (sweet, sweet pictures!)

  3. Cute pics, Dawn. Isn't awesome how God changes our hearts over time ... and throughout our lifetimes. :)

  4. Cuuuute pictures!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  5. Moving is great for clearing out! :) I have been thinking and praying all week about the things I don't think I am capable of and how the Lord is changing me. We had even check the "No" box to Cleft L/P...yikes! Thank goodness the Lord changed our hearts in the instant we heard about our Abby! The dr's appts and extra therapy time are SO WORTH IT!!!! Scares me to think we almost missed this! Praise God for his GRACE and patience with me!

  6. I don't think I can see enough pictures of Joanna. She is so beautiful! Praying for all you packing to be as stress free as possible.

  7. Love this post! It is amazing how God changes our hearts and lives. I love seeing your kids pictures!

  8. I have been following your blog for a while now. My much older sister has adopted two kids (brother and sister) from Uganda and so I find it interesting to review your adoption process!

    I hope this move goes smoothly for you, but I really hope that you aren't just throwing out the stuff you no longer need, but are donating it to another charity if it is reusable!!!!

  9. All adoptions are a lot of work! Amen to that, Sister! We will be adopting a Mexican baby from foster care - ouch! It's already so complicated! Many blessings on your move!!!