Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yeah.....a crazy day

 Soooo....believe when I say I really want to share our exciting news, but we have to do some things before.....really I am sorry.  But to make it up to you I will let you see some more pics, and tell you about our really really really crazy day today.  And for those of you who guessed "puppy chow" - you were right! 
 How cute is this?  OK so today's crazy day.  Let's start off by saying we live 45minutes away from our church.  Literally we live in the middle of NO WHERE! when we go to our 8:30AM service yeah we have to leave by 7:30 to get there go to the bathrooms, and then get in our seats, talk with church family, etc.
 BUT- this week we were also on the worship team which we try to participate at least 1 or 2 times a month, but that depends on our camp retreat schedule too.  So we should have been there around 7:30 which means we should have left at 6:30 to get there on time.  Which means we get up at 5:30....
 Well, this morning I woke up and sat up immediately!  AT 7:06AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then I got up, got dressed, got the kids up and told them to get dressed, go potty, and get in the car- ASAP!  We are late.  Believe it or not we were out the door in 15 minutes.  REALLY!  Talk about crazy.

So picture me crawling around our 15 passenger sitting in various children's laps to do our girl's hair.  Yeah- not really pretty, but very true.  Then we totally had pop tarts cold in the car!  Yes, we have pop tarts usually for Jason and I if we need to get out the door quickly for something.  Thankfully we had enough to give them to the kids.  And of course I grabbed my Mountain Dew for my breakfast- yes totally healthy- NOT!  Although there is orange juice in it- seriously look at the label.  I am sure it is just a trace.  :) 

Jason called our worship leader and told her.  I mean no problem Jason was singing a solo and reading scripture, I was doing the congregational prayer.....I mean no biggie right??  You know our church on an average Sunday has 100's of people.  YIKES!!  OOOOPPPSSS!!!!!  So the outcome.....we made it there by 8 am, and ran through part of a song.  And breathed, and then relaxed.  There was nothing else we could do at this point so just chillin' and realizing that God is BIGGER than our mistake.  How did it happen.  Well - I got a new alarm this week, and well you know how it is....and we stayed up talking last night, and Jason forgot to set his alarm.  OOPPSSS!!!

To make it worse for me being on time is a BIG deal!  I am always "preaching" that if I can get there with 8 kids ready to roll- you can be here on time.  To me it is a respect thing.  It is respectful to be on time to the others that are now waiting on you if you are late.  Yeah- eating those words tastes nasty.  :)  But I STILL believe it is IMPORTANT to be on time....just in case some of our summer staff are thinking they are off the hook right now- YOU AREN'T!!!!!!
 Ok ok ok ok- less about that and more on the cutest baby in the world!  Look at that smile, and if you look closely you can see the tip of her first tooth :)  Awwww.........
 And that pastry batter that you see Jason giving to Joanna (not really) above turned into these :)  YUMMY!!!!  I am not sure of the spelling, but they are pastry with chocolate on top and a cream in the middle and they are GREAT!!!
 And of course if you live with my hubby- this is what you get- a big kid at heart!  :)
 And just to apologize once again for yanking your chain even longer............
Does it get any better than this??  NO!

Pray your Sunday wasn't too crazy, and that you were able to worship and focus on Christ on HIS DAY!!!!!


  1. Is it called an Eclair? If so, I HEART them! ;)
    I hate being late too and it rarely happens, but I truly can't believe you got out of the house in 15 minutes. That is amazing!
    Thanks for all the pictures! I am pretty sure Joanna gets cuter everyday!!! I can't wait for your big news!

  2. Those days are so hectic! We are very similar... I would totally justify having Mountain Dew for breakfast if it has a speck of orange juice and I despise being late and waiting for people who are late! Good to remember to have grace with others. :) Actually, I only feel "on time" if I'm 10 minutes early. You too? Oh yeah... ice cream is completely suitable for breakfast seeing as how it has milk, right? :)

    Love the photos! Love your family! I wish we lived in NO WHERE with you.

    In Jesus,

  3. Love eclairs, love the cute pics, love hearing about the adventures of the Wright family as they serve Jesus. :-)

  4. Those look too good. Too good... yum.

  5. That is one crazy crazy day! I'm super impressed by your eclairs! Oh, saw this article about big families that I thought you might enjoy:

    A friend posted it on Facebook...

  6. Waiting for the announcement. I think I know what yours is. But can't wait to hear.

    J&J's secret isn't nearly so big but I"m surprised with four of us knowing it, no one has given it away to the others.

  7. That stressed me out just reading about it! Can't wait to hear the big announcement!!!

  8. The yumminess in this post is making me wish my apple was something here instead! :) Praying and cannot wait to hear (read) your big news.

  9. I love seeing your pics of your beautiful family... but I am DYING to know your news!

  10. Woo, yes, sounds like craziness!! And, nobody has an excuse to be late for church after hearing how your morning went!!

  11. We live 53 minutes (according to mapquest!) from our church and usually leave an hour before. We are going to start leaving 1-1/4 hours before so that we can manage to drop off the kids and sit down before the first song. Luckily, we go to the 11 am service though!

    I agree with you, if we could make it on time all summer with 6 kids in tow, I'm not sure what excuse everyone else uses. It is a respect thing. Late once due to an alarm malfunction, totally understandable. Late every.single.week? You've got some priority issues. :)