Friday, September 10, 2010

A Day Out & Urgent Need :)

So what do you do if you have little money, but need a fun relaxing day out.  You do something silly and free :)  OK so we have lived here in SW Louisiana for almost 7 full years.  In Lake Charles which is 45 minutes away, but our nearest place to get most things......they have these alligators.  Well, I mean they have live ones there too, but these are alligator art things.  Oh well, just look at the pics and you will see what I mean.  

Now to fully appreciate what we were doing and the craziness of our lives, relationship, marriage, everything really- we stood sometimes near major roads, in front of offices (thank the Lord most were closed as it was a Saturday on a Holiday Weekend), crawled around the yards to find these cute painted gators.  And yes the other one snapped the photos :)  So if you are this kind of crazy.....then I am truly sorry....but we definitely belong in the crazy house.  Maybe this is why people call us crazy???  Enjoy and feel free to laugh because it is good for you!

Yep so that's how we roll......with very very very crazy silly fun days out together.  Of course this happens only once every 3-4 you have to enjoy them while you can.  So what do you do for fun and little to no money???

Speaking of money......YES I SAID MONEY!  There is a great family who needs your help.  NOW DO NOT STOP READING PLEASE.  If nothing else please read about this incredible family and pray for them and their son to be born.  Tracie is the person we contacted at Christian Adoption Consultants- to find our Joanna.  She and her family are incredible if you don't believe me check out her web page!  This is my plea to you.....please help this family!!!

OK EVERYONE here is the deal this amazing family NEEDS a BIG van NOW! They are having another child....and well their souped up mini van won't cut it. HELP THEM OUT- $5, $20, $100, $1,000 

Send to Tekoa 211, PO Box 214, Beaver Crossing NE 68313. Include a note saying the money is for the Louxes. Then leave a comment with me so we can keep track. HUGE THANK YOUS to everyone!!!!!!!

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  1. We do crazy stuff like that too! Glad to know we are not the only ones.

    (the one in red with lipstick is cracking me up!)