Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Send The Rain!

So if you have seen our garden or flowers anytime recently - you would note that they are droopy.....and well to say this politely- DYING!  The bad part is this summer they looked fantastic.  They were beautiful.  They had tons of flowers, growing wonderfully...produced enough cucumbers & tomatoes in our garden to supply the camp.  

BUT- when you don't water your garden or your flowers for ohhhhh say a month- or well you know more than a month........and there for some reason this year in SW Louisiana- has been very very very little is not a good mixture!

This reminds me sooo much of our lives.  We go through periods of dryness, a wilderness time.....  Then we turn our hearts back to OUR SUPPLY and just like that.....we find ourselves starting to come back to LIFE.  To a LIFE IN HIM!  

My prayer for all of you....and myself is TO LET THE RAIN REFRESH YOUR HEARTS!!!!

My mind set is so new right now....really fresh.  I love it.  It is like falling in love again.....seeing scripture in a new way.  WANTING to really study.  WANTING to spend as much time as I can IN HIM!  WANTING to really push myself to grow IN HIM!  

For those of my bloggy friends who are in the process of wilderness time, or a season of little rain.  I pray that you will reach out for the PROVIDER- GOD!  Reach out to HIM to revive you.  Sometimes it is a very slow process....other and furious.  May you seek HIS FACE :)  And like our plants that were once thought dead- may God bring you NEW LIFE! 

***Thank you for those who responded about the baby girl :)  The agency said they have received lots of interest- YEAH!!!!  You guys are the best :)


  1. Great post - so true! I think it's so important to make sure we keep close to the Lord - my daily devotions time is my lifeline!
    As for the rain - well we've had so much wish we could send some to you guys! After 10 years of drought in this area, we are rejoicing in full dams & beautiful crops!

  2. Awesome post and oh so true! Thanks! We need some rain here also....I think it has been at least that long since I have poor neglected plants :0(

    On a side note... my husband and I just inquired about a little boy in your state that is up for adoption through the foster care system. I am sure our chances are slim since we are out of state and we haven't been foster parents for that long....we are still excited about the possibility though :0)

  3. Very true... grass should not CRUNCH when walked on!!!!

    His peace is amazing. Let it rain!!!!

  4. Great post. There is nothing like the feeling of seeking Him and falling in love all over again. :)

  5. It's raining here! :) Thank you for sharing this, what a wonderful post!!