Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Selah

Some of you may or may not follow this incredible family's blog, but you should.  Why you ask?  Well there are several great reasons, but the most important is that they take life seriously.  What I mean is that they know the importance of life.  Something created by Our Creator.

They have taken a stand for life that many think is crazy, stupid, or at the very least insane.  You see they decided that they were being called to adopt a child that would die.  Now that sounds silly all of our children will die sometime.  This child would die possibly before leaving the hospital, maybe within a few hours, few days, few weeks, few months.

In the 55 DAYS that Selah was alive- she has been a witnessing tool that no one could have imagined.  She connected them to her birth mother who has accepted Jesus Christ as a result.  She has blown away nurses, doctors, and yes even the policeman that came the morning of her death.  What happened?  She let them all know in her own special way that she was valuable.  How?  Because her family said so.  They loved her like any child should be loved.  She was adorable!  That helps.  She cried out when mommy wasn't there.  She did the things most babies do....except she would not be here very long.

All of the people who have been blog stalking (hey, I can't help it- she was very cute!), who met the family, got a chance to see Jesus!  A real live photo of HIS LOVE!  They would ask what her name meant- When they replied well it is found in Scriptures and it means- stop- think and praise God.  David uses it a lot in the Psalms.  They would say - do you not know that your child will die anyway?  Yes we do, and we know that every second she is alive is sooo very precious.  What- you do???  Why?  Because she was created by GOD.  You see we believe that ALL LIFE is WORTH EVERYTHING TO GOD!!!

This is what it really means to be Pro- Life!  This is the definition of what it means to REALLY KNOW that every child is PRICELESS!  Praise God for Selah and for the eternal witness she was and is.  Thank You God for her precious life.  Thank you for this precious family that stepped out in faith for YOU.

Then to top it off- if you are wondering about how the other 10 children are taking it.... I am pasting this from their blog- I am sure they won't mind :)

Six hours after she passed away, Kya and I were sitting on the couch talking quietly and she aske me, "Mommy, when can we get another baby to love?" I looked at her and said, "Really? you want to do this all over again?". She had a huge smile on her face and said, "Yes mom... every baby needs a family." I said, "Do you want a healthy one or a sick one?" She said, "Either, but a sick one needs us more." I guess that pretty much sums up how our kids are doing. Amazing. Full of love. Changed for the better. Secure. And proud that they helped "do the hard thing" that Jesus asked us to do.

To God be the glory. 


  1. Oh my. I was not aware of this blog. What an amazing family.

    Thank you for making me aware...

  2. What an amazing testimony they- and Selah have! I cried the entire time!!!!!!

  3. Kim and I are "bloggy friends" and have even spoken on the phone.

    While I agree with Kelli (above) that they are "an amazing family", I also had to stop and think, "No. Really. They are an ordinary couple. However, they have said YES to the extraordinary things that God has called them to."

    I believe that HE wants to call each and every one of our families to do AMAZING things for Him ... yet so many couples choose to say, "No." to the extraordinary things of the Lord.

    I hope that their testimony will not cause others to put them up on a pedestal (because that is not where they want to be), but I hope that their testimony will cause others to ask God what He might have for their families.

    Just my ponderings tonight.

    Thanks for sharing Selah's story.

    Laurel :)

  4. Amazing story, I hadn't know of this family. May God continue to bless them.

  5. Thank you my friend for continuing to share her story!

    Laurel - you are right. No pedestal for us... just glory for Him! You would be amazed at how many people have written testimonies that they are now open to children (adopting) that they would not have been before. That blesses me more than I can express.


  6. Thank you for sharing. Off to read their blog.

  7. That is amazing! I've never seen their blog but am going there now. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Amen. Thank you so much for posting this. I have not followed this family's blog, but their story has certainly touched my heart. They absolutely were the hands and feet of Jesus as they cared for their little one.