Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun times and a new hair do...

 So sometimes you think what can I do to get the kids having fun together?  To teach them fair play?  To help them learn to get along?  To get them counting, reading, cooperating, and learning to obey rules????
 My suggestion as soon as they are able start buying board games, play with them, and have them play with each other.  Will the argue- YEP!  Will you have to guide and reguide- YEP!!! BUT it is tons of fun.  And teaches good "sportsmanship".  They learn to win and loose gracefully.  I LOVE having loads of games for our kids.  We have bought some for gifts- mostly Christmas because we are big into Christmas gifts that are for everyone.  I have LOTS AND LOTS of great memories as a child playing games with my family!!!  And did I mention it builds great communication skills too!!!
 Here's just some playing pics...yes they are all in pj's it is Saturday night and we just had baths for Sunday- yeah remember our crazy get ready in 15 minutes day?  That one.

 LOVE it that my children bring me flowers!!!!  I am sooo BLESSED beyond words!!!!
 OK so this is a new hairstyle I tried.  I don't think I did very well, but with technique practice I think it will be good.  It is a twist along the head on the sides, but I added in hair which is a bit tricky like you would in a french braid kind of idea. 
 Then in the back I just did 4 "open" twists which means I did it without bunching it with a band first.  That is just my terminology I made up- he he he.....

I love that my Abigail doesn't mind my experiments!  Thanks Abigail!!!!

On a good note we have had lots of interest about Mother Goose, and all sorts of kinds of adoptions- YEAH!!!!!!!  LOVE getting all the e-mails and helping the best we can!!!  So keep them coming.  For those of you wondering- you don't pay us for it :)  So ask away!!!

Also I want to pout a little.  You see I would sooo LOVE to be at Together for Adoption over in TX, but can't.  So I am going to throw a hissy fit and pout :(  Alright I am over 30.....and I shouldn't pout.  Sorry.  But I really would love to be there because a lot of my bloggy friends are going!!!!  Have fun without me.  Maybe I will sit in time out and pout about it more- he he he......or just eat some chocolate :)


  1. You are such a blessing to me (& others im sure!) when it comes to adoption info- you guys rock! I love lincoln logs, btw! And the new hair do! Cute!

  2. I love that our posts today had almost the exact same title. However, your hairdo was far nicer. Abigail looks so beautiful!

  3. I LOVE her hair Dawn... I don't think you are giving yourself enough credit! :)
    I also wish we could be there this weekend. I am so bummed. I wish it wasn't 20 hours away and that we didn't have sporting events and a wedding this weekend. Next time, right?

  4. I love the hairstyle!! We brought our 4 year old daughter home from Ethiopia in January, and now that her hair is growing, I am struggling! Can you give more details?!

    Also, I've been following your blog for a while, but this is my first comment. Congrats on the Mother Goose adoption position. Hopefully we will be in a place to talk to you about that soon!

    Bonnie -

  5. We've always played games but with the big age jump, we have to play in two groups now--half with Life, Monopoly and Rummikub and half with Dora Candyland and Rhino Rampage.

  6. Eating chocolate definitely sounds more fun than pouting! (and now I'm hungry for some, too!) I love the new hairstyle, too! So cute!

  7. Love the hair style. Abigail has such a sweet smile. :-)

  8. That hairstyle is amazing!! You did a great job!
    We love board games as well - in fact we have one that you showed in the picture!