Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PRAYING & Honesty

PRAYING RIGHT NOW- PLEASE PRAY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK so this award says I have to say 10 things honestly about myself....hmmm......

1) I Love being in control- he he he- that is honest, but not always good.

2) I LOVE TO TALK- again not really rocket science, but very very true!

3) I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, that was not a shocker either- sorry.....not really wowing anyone am I? Being a mommy is my favorite thing and is a great act of worship as well :)

4) I have at least 4 lists going at all times! Prayer list, family to do list, things to buy list (grocery etc.), and work to do list. I am a list person. It is how I try to keep sane :)

5) I love Mt. Dew & candy!!! I can't help it. I have stopped my addiction before, but I really don't want to so I don't long term. Hey, I don't do this is my caffeine fix :)

6) I pray that God will give us as many children as HE thinks we can handle. However more that may be???? Can't wait to find out.

7) I am the kind of person to say what I think. Again, not really a stretch if you have ever met me ;) It gets me into lots of trouble, but there you go.

8) I love talking about God, miracles, adoption, knowing Christ, children, my husband (who is the BESTEST EVER!), camp, and ministries in general! I will speak in front of large groups, small groups, or individuals!

9) I am a financial controller- I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with money. Right now - personally - not stressed, but hate having a loan. We did this for Joanna's adoption. I HATE doing loans, but if I could think of any reason to have one- it would be a child! They never depreciate, they always gain interest, and ALWAYS WORTH WAY MORE THAN the loan price :)

10) I love the blog world. No surprise there- have said this before, but the support we feel. The love sent over the computer world.....BLESS us more than you can imagine, unless of course you feel the same. It has inspired, uplifted, held us in prayer, helped us survive hard times, and surrounded us when we needed it. Some of you have said thanks for leaving a comment or supporting us, etc.- but there is nothing that tops a community of believers that stick together!!! Thank You ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So 10 more to be tagged......later- need to hold the baby :)


  1. Praying with you!
    Loved the honesty! :o) We are alot

  2. Totally agree on the support from the blog world. Don't know where I'd be without it!!

    Can't wait to see how many children God blesses you all are a wonderful mommy!!

    Loved reading your 10 things. So wish I lived near you would love to have Mountain Dew and candy together. LOL!

    Much love!

  3. Praying with you too! We also only have adoption debt. They are so worth it though! :)

  4. I love your honesty...prayers abound for you and your family. I wish all we had was adoption debt, but that debt for sure I do not mind at all!