Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Family Picture of the 10 of us and more pics

First Family Picture as a family of 10!!!
WOW- she steals my breath away-

Much too cute. Wouldn't it be great if we all could rest sooo easy in our FATHER's Hands??

That face is toooo beautiful- hand crafted gift from above :)


This little piggy......

Everyone says she is so cute they could just eat her up??????
Someday......she will be soo big, but enjoying every moment that she is small and all the moments in between!!!!!
OK- so we are still in Houston....BUT TOGETHER!!!! So although we can't wait to get back HOME! We are home - when we are together anyway.
We are staying with Nell Ann's- husband's (Justin) - mom & husband- Janice & Earl here in Houston. Let me tell you that they are AMAZING! They have opened up their home to us (by Nell Ann's begging- ooops I mean request). They have helped feed us, house us, loved on our kids, and let us take over their quiet restful home. What a BLESSING they have been to our family.
Without them we would be misearable in some hotel room- paying wayyyyy toooo much money for a small living space bored out of our minds!!!! THANK YOU JANICE & EARL!!!!! They have a wonderful back yard with play set, toys, space to eat, bedrooms to use, and wonderful hearts :)
We have been visiting of course with Nell Ann- gogogalindo.blogspot and her wonderful family.....of course her cutie pie Asher who was at the same place as Jonathan was in Ethiopia :) We went with them to church for Easter and had a BLESSED time. They even read the Easter story from Luke that had Joanna's name in it. How fitting her first church service and she was a part of the story :)
Yesterday we were able to visit with another AGCI family- The Fowler's and their Ethiopian cutie Gideon & the rest of the family. It was a great time to relax let the kids play and hang out with those who are willing at the last minute to take in 10 for dinner- THANKS!!!!!!
This journey is so amazing to me. When people ask us how we do it...... it is seriously a miracle we can not explain except to say- it's GOD!
More about the wonderful family I stayed with in PA while I was there- more pics to come from that too :) And if you hear screams of joy- that would be us when they finally call and say you can go home!!!!!


  1. Way so excited for you!!!

    God is amazing beyond what we can dream or imagine!!

    He turns our sorrow into laughter!!!!

  2. I am so amazed at how this has worked for you:) I love seeing your family pictures! Joanna is too cute for words! How fun you get to stay with Nell Ann's family! They were in our travel group when we picked up Biruktawit! Tell them we said hi:)

  3. Loving your family picture!!!! Adorable!

  4. What an amazing Easter!! I'm so glad to see how the Father is providing for your family!!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! God is so very good!

  6. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful...your family is so very blessed and precious.
    So very happy for you and God is sooo good!

  7. So happy for you and your family!

  8. LOVE the family pictures and she is the most beautiful little thing! CONGRATS :) Can't wait to see you HOME HOME!


  9. Wright Family,

    Rejoicing with you in your new precious baby! She is really beautiful!

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  10. I am LOVING seeing you all together!!!

  11. Dear Wrights--

    We miss you terribly and I'm convinced Asher is (still) looking for you at MeMaw's. Please come back soon. We can even go to Culver's. Miss you --- but so glad you're all together at home now!!!