Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coming Home to Louisiana!!!

Guess what we were doing when we got - The Call to COME HOME to Louisiana??? Well Baby Girl was sleeping in her car seat. Yes, she was out of my arms for more than 15 minutes- VERY RARE!!! We got the call around 2pm ish last Wednesday........
The kids- playing....
Hanging around the van......
Plane Spotting- yep- if you have a husband who is a fanatic about planes this is what you do for fun. So the kids were watching & daddy too the planes coming in. At the Houston's George Bush Airport plane spotters area- you can almost be underneath the planes. The kids loved it and squealed every time they spotted a new one coming. Daddy was telling them which size etc they were- of course.
Some of Joanna's first pics home with mommy....
Welcome home baby girl...
Daddy's surprise for me a little bassinet/rocker. It was a fun surprise, and it matched perfectly with our new comforter we bought while in England in November. Of course Jason admitted he didn't even think of it. He he he- yep probably not, but it matches perfectly in our room anyway!
There is always a crowd around Joanna staring at her beauty in our home! REALLY! The kids all adore her, and love her soo much. Even Jonathan!

Daddy says- look baby this is your new forever home!
Daddy- I am a little tired....
Our welcome home posters from the kids & Big Sarah (the young lady who works with us year round at the camp- who lives a few hundred yards from our home on the camp).

This amazing young lady - who took care of all 7 (that were at home) children for all of Friday, Saturday, & Sunday- THANK YOU!!!!!! We couldn't have done this without you Big Sarah!
She was trying to give us our space on Thursday when we came home and wasn't going to bug us....but I knew she couldn't WAIT to hold this precious we went to her house around lunch time to surprise her! As you can see- she is very very very happy!!!!
OK - so of course we had to go get some more baby stuff right?? So here is Joanna showing off her Cuddle U- (same as a Boppie).
This looks hilarious like a big diaper, but is supposed to hold the baby so they don't wiggle out....she of course makes it look cute!!!!
So on Friday we took a trip to a state park about an hour away to an arboretum. Went on a few miles hiking fun. See how Jonathan looks at Joanna. All the kids are constantly looking after her. In fact they often ask- Where is Joanna? Most of the time - with mommy or daddy!!! :)
Saturday we went to the zoo. Like the matching shirts? Unfortunately Joanna doesn't have one that she is still pretty in pink instead.
Daddy holding Joanna during the elephant show.
That is one big seat!!!

Here is baby girl in the bath- well actually in our sink. Saying- well screaming actually- get me out!!!! She does NOT like bath time, but sorry sweetie- has to be done anyway.
Ahhhh---- this is much better- cuddle time in a towel afterward.......
Trying to tell her I love her and am moving quickly- she is NOT convinced. mommy's arms where she should be!

So things since coming home have been going really well!!! Except the sleeping.....she has her days and nights confused!!! She sleeps all day, and is up all night!!!! The worst to date- she woke ever 30-45 minutes one night during my watch. As I sat there praying for strength I remember thinking this is not fun, but she is healthy, home, and a blessing- NO MATTER WHAT! I do have to say lack of sleep is really really hard for me. It is a miracle I am still surviving.

Jason and I do take turns- wonderful part of bottle feeding. So usually she gets up about 20 minutes after we go to bed, eats, then stays awake for a few hours, then sleeps for a few hours, wakes up again, sleeps for another few hours.....then we are all up. So as you can see the sleeping needs some work.

She is an easy baby though besides that- she rarely fusses at all!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

People keep asking so I will post it here: Joanna is not the first newborn for us- Matthew came home to us from the hospital as a preemie, Andrew came to us at 7 weeks, & Elizabeth came at 5 1/2 months....all the others were toddlers.

I just can't believe the miracle!!!! If you have read all 3 parts to Joanna's miracle story go back a few posts- it still blows my mind!!!!!



  1. Love it! I'm so glad you are home. Now you can get back to the matching shirts. heehee.
    Your family is so awesome!

  2. So glad you are all home, and Joanna is beautiful!

  3. So thrilled for you and your family! How amazing! Am I seeing some teeth in the screaming bath picture?

  4. So happy for you to be home.

  5. Dawn, i have no clue how i missed this!?!? when i saw this post today i was frantically trying to find older posts so i could get all of the info! what a true blessing! no doubt that she was meant for your family and that yall were meant to be hers. absolutely beautiful!! congrats!!

  6. She is so adorable!! I love seeing ur kids crowding around the bassinet! Too cute!

  7. Awesome! Just awesome...she is SOOO beautiful!!!

  8. Yay! Home at last! Praying that our great God will shower your family with more joy and blessings than you can possibly imagine..."Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy WONDROUS works declare!"

  9. You are so BLESSED! WELCOME HOME JOANNA!! She is just such a precious gift!

  10. She is so beautiful! Congrats.

  11. Congratulations! Try putting a face cloth , wet, warm and open over her chest in the bath, it really settles some babies in the bath and makes it a much calmer experience for everyone!

  12. Amen! Oh the wonders He has done! :)

  13. What a beautiful story! God knows how to write each chapter in the most beautiful way.....

  14. Sssooo sweet! Makes me want another one! (well except the no sleep thing!) LOL!

  15. Huge congratulations on your latest blessing! She is just precious!

  16. Love all the pics. You are so like us ... what do you do when you bring a new baby home? Go for a hike. Go to the zoo. Nope ... no need to "stay home" as so many families do.

    When our twins were born, which gave us 5 children ages: newborn, newborn, 2, 3, 4 ... hubby had to go to his school carnival when the babies were just 2 days old. I thought, "Stay home with ll 5 babies .. or go to the carnival?" We went to the school carnival.

    :) :) :)

  17. I am so happy for you all. Your newest daughter is absolutely beautiful!

    Guess what forms I am filling out! :-)

  18. Guess what forms we are filling out, too? I found your blog while on adoption searches, and then God led me to Tracie's blog on a different day in a different way...not an accident I think! I am excited to see your family grow and our family is excited to begin to welcome a little one of our own into our family. Thanks for sharing your story.

  19. thank you for the comment on my blog..... I cant get the suitcase zipped and no lie the lid is opened six inches and I only added one dress! I mustve really had it strategically folded for sure! Ha ha!

  20. I love all the pictures. It is awesome how all the kids love Joanna so much!

  21. I'm just catching up on all blogs!
    I just love all the pictures in your posts and of course nothing is more beautiful then little Joanna!!!