Monday, April 26, 2010

New Camera & some of my favorite baby things

OK - so this is one thing most babes can't live without, but Joanna doesn't seem to really enjoy it very much....yet. What I really love is the clip for it. It is a MAM, but any pacifier is good to me. It just depends on what your baby likes :)
I love the floating socks that you find in the oddest of places?
Awwww.....they just look so cute!
I love our little bottle basket thing. Not sure what it is called, but you can buy one at W*l-Mart or Targ*t. They are nifty and you don't have to worry about them getting all over your dishwasher.
I love the giant infant formula cans at S*m's Club. This family is all about the bulk buying. Thank goodness the regular formula agrees with our angel. I love the VentAir* bottles (we also have some of the Playt*x disposibles for trips out (saves on clean up- not good for trash I get it.) The "baby gas x" also known as gas relief for babies. Definitely good for helping babies get rid of some of the gas. I also love our bottle brush- makes me smile to have some of these things in our home again There is even a pull out little one in the bottom for the nipple brush. Ohhhhh baby stuff!
Love our little swing :) I think she likes it too, but the other kids every time she is in it - surround her :) he he he he It is sometimes good for fussy times, but to be honest I like holding her a bit to much for her to be in the swing that much. :)
See- this is where she belongs! With me (and yes daddy has one too, but not a baby blue with brown hearts one). YES- this one is safe. It is a breathable material, and when she is in it her face can be seen. And yes when she is in it - I am always massaging her, holding her, looking at her (hello she is gorgeous!!!), and making sure she is fine. This is a Hot Sling!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
A cheap find at Wally world.....makes it simpler to give a bath in a sink or tub and very inexpensive. It's like a lounge chair for babies :)
Her bassinet of course is adorable. It plays music, the little lambs can spin, and there is a night light. Now most of the time - we only use the features during the day. At night she goes to bed pretty well for the most part. She did sleep in bed with us for the first few weeks. Now she has her own (most of the time) :)
Her little cuddle U which is great if you have to set her down - anywhere for a few seconds or minutes. Like I said she is usually in my lap or sling. It is also great for your children when they are holding her or feeding her because it lifts them up a bit. So it is definitely useful. Also great for tummy time rather than rolling up towels or blankets.
This is her newest fun thing- It is called Swaddle Me!!! LOVE IT!!! Besides my sling- it is my favorite! It is helpful for making baby feel safe & cuddled at night! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! It is recommended by pediatric doctors to help prevent SIDS because it is a light breathable material that helps your child go to sleep better and stay asleep as well. TRY IT!!!!!! Only around $10.
Awww... pink car seat! When our other children were younger they didn't have the gender specific seats. So we are loving the pink things!!!!
The all important diaper bag- and not that it is really important, but it matches my sling :) Lots of compartments :)
I love seeing all of this beside my sink! I love having baby things around my home again!!!!

Don't get me wrong - I love toddlers that have stolen my heart as well, and look forward to a day that we welcome older sibling groups to our home as well. But, babies are cute. It's good too for when they wake you up at all hours of the night!

So if you wonder why I haven't blogged as much lately - well this is April/May time and for our work it is the busiest time of the year - getting ready for summer camps. Once summer hits we have lots of staff help, up until then- it's all on us. So that is part of it, but mostly because I just love staring a LOT at Joanna. It's true! I just can't help myself.

I love seeing & feeling her whispy, soft as down feathers hair. I love seeing her tiny toes. I love holding her tiny fingers. I love seeing her BEAUTIFUL FACE! I love watching her move. I love watching as she holds up her head (seriously at a few days she was already starting to hold up her own head!). I love seeing her eyes full of wonder as she constantly looks around. I love meeting her needs - before she even cries most of the time. I love hearing her new gurgles and squeaky baby sounds. I love listening to her breathing.

SHE IS A MIRACLE! I mean- for God to create this tiny girl and then give her to us to raise for HIM! How much more could we need?

I also REALLY LOVE to see the kids oohhhh & awwww over her! It is soooo cute to see them Love on her ALL the time! I also love to talk to her & so does the rest of the family. You know a lot of people worry...I mean we have a larger family.....will she get the attention she needs? Will she receive enough love? Will she still be spoiled like a baby should be? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So - I will try to get back to doing more blogging, but just know I still am reading your blogs as much as possible, but I have this tiny miracle that I AM SOOO IN LOVE WITH!!!

**My sermon for some reason has not been put on the website yet???
***I am doing a book review & head up I LOVE IT and will be posting about it soon. If you want more info- stay tuned :)
****Oh yeah the new camera- is a Cannon Power Shot SX120 IS We like it so far, and it isn't too expensive.


  1. I never thought of myself as a baby person but I am thoroughly enjoying have one in the house. :) I understand now what you mean about how fun baby stuff is in the house. I tear up pulling Bear's little clothes out of the dryer. You keep on enjoying this complete miracle from heaven!

  2. Love this post. As I was reading it, I closed my eyes and remembered the short times when we had infants. I miss having a baby soooo much. My arms just ache to hold a little one. I love all your cute stuff... and we have the same diaper bag! lol! Oh and the swing thing, with the Owls... I LOVE that print! My Sis-in-law has it for her son and I think those owls are just super cute!! :o)
    Enjoy that baby!!

  3. I loved looking at all your favorite stuff and I especially like seeing that beautiful baby!!!
    Congrats on your new camera!

  4. Great to hear from you! So understand that you are in a BUSY time (with baby and with camp).

    Always love pics. Glad you got a new camera.

    Big Hugs,

    Laurel :)

  5. I totally understand!! I am LOVING cuddling, snuggling and staring at my sweet gift as well. Isn't God just amazing?!!
    I love, love, love your swing and diaper bag. How cute!!
    I use my sling all the time too. Couldn't do without it, it keeps my hands free for the other little's.

    Your sweet girl is just BEAUTIFUL!!

    Oh I never got to comment on the post by your hubby but just wanted to say you totally bless and amaze me!! And what a sweet hubby too!!

    Enjoy those brown eyes....:)

  6. You are going to give me baby fever girl!!! I adore babies and I can't believe how big Joanna is getting. I know this is a very busy time for your family, but it sounds like you all are having fun with it!! I think the new additions helps too. :)

  7. Awww...I am SO missing those baby stages!
    Nater just finished potty training, so I am officially done with diapers and I am having mixed feelings about it. :)
    If we do have anymore babies in the house, it will be through adoption.

  8. Oh my gosh! She has grown SO much, I can't believe it! Give her a kiss for me!

  9. beautiful post and i dont blame you a bit for the lack of blogging :) although we dont get to use it yet my house is filling up with baby stuff too and i can not wait to have the baby here too :)
    she is beautiful!

  10. Hello! We've been following your blog and were hoping that you'd add ours to your list! We just started our adoption process for Ethiopia this week and want to meet as many people in the process as possible! :) Our blog is
    we just started our first fundraisers of an ipod raffle and selling our adoption tshirts! Thanks so much!

    Lindsay and Jon

  11. Ca this little girl be any cuter??? Katrina

  12. Ive just given you the "Honest Award" for today. Go take a peek at my post and collect your award. Ive never done this before and hope this is how its done. ;) Wink

  13. Your family is GORGEOUS!!! I stumbled on your blog and giggled because we get asked this question a lot (with 2 fewer). We hope to expand our family too so I don't think we are finished hearing this question. :)

  14. So precious. I have a hot sling too! love it! and the same swing like you said!

  15. That swaddler thingy was AWESOME with Baby I! Great invention! lol!

  16. Her cheeks are getting that sweet chunky!

    When we have added children to our family I was always concerned about wrecking the older siblings lives. When our first daughter was born our 2 1/2 year old looked at me and said, "thank you mom!" Sounds like your big kids are saying the same thing!