Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend Camp

Hmmm...problems with Blogger uploading pics I will try again soon. I actually have pics :)

So I just thought I would share a little about what we do here at camp. One thing we started doing is having weekend camps. We have been doing this for about 4 years now. We have scheduled summer camps during June & July as well of course. But youth love a reason to get to come to camp during those long days of school as well - so we love having them we created a weekend camp. We do programming similar to what we do in the summer (minus the swimming of course :). I do Bible Studies for the weekend, Jason & I lead worship (sometimes we switch off with our summer staff depending on who has what talents to lead).

It is a great way to reconnect. With GOD! A fun time because our staff look forward to the weekends as well (well at least those staff who live close enough to be here for the weekend). Of course my husband provides food service for the weekend as well- which is always GREAT! If you haven't had my husband cook for you- you are missing out. It is a real gift :) that I thoroughly enjoy.

So my husband and I co-direct the camp...that way I can homeschool, and we can share the responsibilities. So here is a breakdown of what we do.....

Jason's talents & gifts for the camp:

Doing the website layout- just click on that on the left hand side to see what our camp looks like. If you click on staff you will see a pic of our family, and of our staff :).

He does all the layouts & work for newletters, promotion material including sheets, flyers, & dvd slide shows/video camera shots.

Maintenance (although sometimes this is not his favorite when he can't solve a problem or doesn't have enough hands for all 13 buildings!). I mentioned this is a true gift. He can coordinate and cook food for over 60 by himself....and over 100 with at least a couple of extra hands. We do lots of homemade foods here (cheaper & yummier) like home made bread & desserts, lasagna, etc. I don't know what I would do without him in this department. I have a hard time trusting anyone with this area, because let's be honest if the food stinks- NO ONE is coming back!

We both do.....

Working with retreats. He helps me call them, book retreats, greet them when they come, check in with them while they are here to make sure they have all they need, and be available if something comes up.

We also both help guide staff- through corrections, encouragements, and Weekly Bible Studies at our home after the camp week is over.

Dawn's talents & gifts for the camp:

I love to program things. Making out the schedules so things flow smoothly. We have rock wall, low & high ropes, mini golf, pool, game night, capture the flag, archery, jello fights, crafts (NOT my strong point- I do it for the kids), choice time, concessions, clean cabin awards, campers vs. counselors- another large group camp game, talent show, pool party, devotions, praise & worship, Bible Studies, and you know all that kind of stuff :)

I love focusing on Bible Studies. I am NOT the world's best Bible Study writer, but I have fun doing it. I have fun thinking of questions that I hope connect the campers to Scriptures. We do Memory Verses......and we have lots of games & activities to get the kids to memorize :) Our goal is to really help campers as much as humanly possible to understand the basics of scripture as well as push them to really grow in their faith.

I also do the financial - cutting checks, looking at the budget, working with foster parents- to get kids here on scholarships, etc.

I LOVE staff training time. It is the ONLY time when I am not in the home 90 percent of the day or more with the kids. Although I really miss them during this time- it is only a couple of weeks a year so it isn't too bad. It is time to go through ALL aspects of the camp- rules, regulations, how to do Bible Studies, how the schedule works, SAFETY & MORE SAFETY. My philosophy- we can't share Christ with campers that don't feel safe physically & emotionally!

I am also the one who speaks at churches. I LOVE TO TALK- I know I know very hard to imagine, but it is true :) Especially about things near and dear to my heart & the camp ministry is near to my heart. It NEVER grows old seeing campers give their lives to Christ, to see campers growing spiritually from year to year, to see campers that could never trust anyone- give a hug to a counselor or friend from camp, to see campers on their knees in our prayer area during worship, to see kids reading scripture and realizing what it means, to see staff give ALL they have to helping campers in their walk.........can you tell I LOVE CAMP????

So there you have it a bit more about what we do & how we both work together to get things done at the camp. From Jan-May we will have 17 events here at camp! Yep, keeps us on our toes especially when we also speak at 6 churches, get all the summer programming ready, recruit staff, do all those maintenance things, figure out supplies for needed improvements, do all the promotional materials so everyone knows about camps & retreats........whew...makes my head spin.

On a personal note this has been the hardest couple of months EVER! That is saying a lot considering all the wonderful crazy things we have already been through as a family. This weekend we are studying Gideon. I love this story because God chooses the weakest person yet again- on purpose, and when he doubts- he continues to reassure him. Time and again and again and again. He has really helped us see that we Gideon- we are very very weak, but HE Praise God is Strong. He alone can carry us through, and can give us strength to carry on the ministry in our family & at the camp. It is NOT MY STRENGTH, but definitely HIS because I have nothing left to give. My heart is spread thin, and has many many cracks in it. HIS HEART covers mine so others may see HIS LIGHT.

Thank you all for your continued prayers & support :)


  1. Still praying very regularly for you, Dawn. I know God has something pretty special in store.

  2. What a neat story! You run a summer/ weekend camp?! I was just asked to go with our youth to camp and lead the art aspect. Our camp has focused on leadership for teens and using your gifts in ministry. So they end up with teens learning instruments and singing for praise and worship teams and they now want to add the fine arts and help the students that arent musically inclined. Our church also does alot in the community like building wheelchair ramps(over 250!) and painting homes etc. I am excited and planning art lessons that are "fail proof". I also got chosen for two grants to teach in the DJJ system. (incarcerated teens) Ive also been blessed to teach adults with disabilities. I hope that after adopted daughter is home God continues to use me in the community- helping others express themselves in healthy ways! Keep up the good work! Know I am still praying for you and your family..... this adoption road is not easy!

  3. Praying for you guys. I love getting a glimpse into your lives. We would love to visit your camp some day. What a blessing you are to others.

    Praying always,

  4. Okay...just thinking about 5 years in the future, and maybe you should do an Ehtiopian Camp. (Just saying 5 years down the road selfishly, so our little one will be able to participate. :) Just planting that seed :)

  5. Too bad we don't live closer! Haha!
    Sounds awesome! May God continue to richly bless you as you sow into our youth!