Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Adoption Day- Joshua, Sarah, & Elizabeth!!!!

This is daddy hard at work decorating all 3 CAKES!!!! Yep you read that right- we adopted Joshua, Sarah, & Elizabeth on the same day so- we do 3 different cakes :)
So here are our 3 babes that we get to celebrate being a forever family for- 2 years ago today!!!!!
Elizabeth- our little crazy 4 year old sweetie! She came to us at 5 1/2 months old and we are soo happy she did :) I remember the day she came- arrived at our home around midnight- the night before our big open house at the camp. You know perfect timing. he he he. I will never forget the squeals of joy on Joshua and Sarah's faces when they woke up and she was in a pack and play in the middle of their room. It was wayyy better than any other gift we could have given them.
Ripping into their presents. Yes we do it in our pj's because who wants to wait to get dressed, bathed and all that stuff???
Darts for of course a dart gun :) Remembering when Joshua & Sarah came to us. We got a phone call from a social worker saying the bare minimum about these children. I asked - can we talk about it and pray about it for at least a few minutes....yep, but hurry :) They needed to find a placement.
So we hung up, prayed, talked, and said yes. Within a couple of hours they arrived. We woke the others up from their naps and told them we would have a couple other children living with us for at least a while. They were pretty excited!
When Joshua darted out of the mini van the social worker drove....he grabbed the bike off the front porch and ran with it through- daddy's freshly planted flowers.....he he he....
We love recounting that silly story, and remembering the shoes he wore were too huge, and how handsome that smile was. It still steals my heart!!!!
Sarah, was sleeping in her car seat. So sweet, so peaceful.....which lasted all of a few minutes! I still remember saying no so many times I thought it would have been much easier to just make a tape recording. She tested every boundary and then some, but she has been such as joy as well.
Their story is LONG........very very very long- 3 years!!!! 3 WHOLE YEARS- we dealt with the system, social workers who loved us and some who didn't, a judge who changed with the wind, and then sided with the CASA worker out of racial hate. Sad story, with a happy ending.
Because these children- couldn't be any more mine than they are! You know that typical question- are these kids yours, don't you want any of your own? Yep- I already have 7!!!!!
You see adoption is REAL! It is not a story, a fantasy, or a sort of way to have children. It is a REAL THING! It is a living, breathing, changing relationship that is REAL!
Sometimes it is sweet, sometimes not so sweet, sometimes it is hard, really hard, sometimes it is great, sometimes it is sad, sometimes it is fun, sometimes not so much.
But it is ALWAYS REAL! My children are a miracle of God and I couldn't love them anymore!!!!! There is no way you could convince anyone in our family that what we are is anything less than any family that is based on God's Love!
So here is Joshua's dirt cake.
Sarah's home made carrot cake.
Elizabeth's strawberry flowery cupcakes.
My husband is the best!!!!! I am just a little biased.

So this day we THANK GOD for all the struggles, the craziness, and all those that held us up in prayer as we walked the road of fostering and then eventually adoption for these beautiful children!!!!!!!!!!!
Because my life would not be half as fun.....
without all .....
of my beautiful faces...
he he he.....
makes everything worth every second of stress, pain, and worry. When God's plan is fulfilled and we get to stand up in court and say- YES!!!!! I want to be the forever family to these beautiful children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT A HUGE BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord for my beautiful family :)


  1. What a wonderful story!!

    Though many may try, I believe you have to walk the path of adoption to really feel the heart of it!

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  2. I have tears in my eyes...God writes the most beautiful stories through adoption. You bet it is the real deal!!! Children are a blessing and no matter how they come into your family it is the same sweet miracle!!!

  3. Beautiful story. And a beautiful family :))

  4. Beautiful story! I loved reading it and seeing all the pictures! YOu have a beautiful family!

  5. HAPPY ADOPTION DAY MY SWEETS! Sending our love from Texas!!

  6. They really are beautiful, Dawn! You are such a special mama. Glad you are celebrating today. You needed that!

  7. Hi! Thank you for your comment on my blog! It means more then I can say to know that you were actually thinking about my family, and praying for us and Cheyanne! I am truly struggling with her and how to parent her and most of all love her. Any help, support, advise or words of encouragement help TONS!!!! So if I had a bigger word or could in any other way THANK YOU! I would!!! I do love your blog very much!

  8. Happy adoption day--and sugar high day? : )

  9. Wow !! Beautiful pictures, of some beautifulvery happy children. I agree pretty special guy to take the time to help make it such a special day!

  10. Happy Adoption Day to you all. Those cakes are pure art!


  11. You know, I have a pretty amazing husband, too. He even followed sweet Jason into the laundry soap making business ... but I don't think he'll try the cake decorating. No. Not thinkin' it's goin' to happen here at our house. Mama doesn't even do much cake decorating.

    Big Hugs to all those little darlin's of yours!!!

    Laurel & the gang :)

  12. Love it...we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary in Sept and i was wondering what people did to celebrate. A cake and a little gift is great!

  13. Great pics Dawn, lovely cakes Jason, beautiful children all thanks be to kids are REAL too (loved your message!). Continuing to pray for ya'll.

  14. Happy Adoption day!!!! I loved reading every word and seeing all the pictures!

  15. They look SOOOO happy! What awesome pictures and some nice cakes too! What a blessing!
    Happy Adoption Day!

    Great cakes...Love them...Remember when I used to make cakes for our children's birthdays. Oh, memory lane...
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Praying for many more happy adoption day celebrations for your sweet family!

    Love in Jesus,

  18. I am bawlin my eyes out! Amazing post! :)

    Adoption canges your life forever and for GOOD! :)


  19. Happy Adoption Day! You have such a great perspective and a sweet family!!!

  20. oh, that was awesome...I'd love to hear every detail of every adoption some day if you ever get a few million extra minutes in your day :) ha What a beautiful family, kj

  21. Happy Adoption day!

    It is so worth it! Adoption is a long road but what a wonderful gift you get at the end! 3 blessings!

  22. Happy Adoption Day! We, too, traveled the crazy road of "the system", but after 2+ years, our daughter was finally released from the madness. We are thankful every day that we get to be her parents! Always glad to read stories of other children that get happy {endings} beginnings.

  23. That's so sweet, Dawn! Your love for kids shines through your stories. How precious your kids are!

  24. Wow-- what a huge celebration! Congrats!