Thursday, March 11, 2010

Prayers, Music, & Hair- very random

So let's start with hair. Don't know why Elizabeth wasn't her usually crazy smiling self?? But I divided her hair into 2 & did a twist close to the head.
This is a pretty easy style and lasts a day. I have several styles that last a day or 2 and some that can last a week.
It's pretty cute. It literally takes about 3-5 minutes to do- depending on how squirmy she is....or if she turns her head to look at something or hear somebody and yanks the hair out of my hands- I am sure all of you experienced mothers out there understand :)
This is a head full of twists. It is great because although it takes about a 1/2 hour- it lasts at least a week! YEAH! You can add beads to it as well, and that makes it fun because then they like to shake their heads and hear them "click".
Just create a pattern, and try to duplicate it on the other side. I AM NOT PERFECT at the pattern, but close enough that it doesn't look horrible :)

This style can vary with more bunches or less. The more you have -the longer it stays in. I do Abigail's in 2 rows on both sides of the head because she has much longer hair. The younger girls I only do in one row on each side of the head.
This lasted over a week- closer to 2! Of course she sits pretty still.
The back may come out a bit, but a quick redo in a couple of minutes- and it looks as good as new. I like to do coordinating colors with outfits, but if I know that the style will last a while - I use a wide variety of colors. Makes it fun :)
OK so this pic doesn't capture his excitement, but a couple of weeks ago- I asked the kids- white, green, blue, or pink. Didn't tell them why, but they kept asking. I just kept saying- it's a surprise :)
They love it when I do that- he he he- not!
I told them they would like it, and it was a part of our homeschooling fun.....(isn't everything? he he he he).
They did really well with our rhythms and pretty good for the first time.
I let them just go at it and have some fun! I have books that I will introduce soon. For now just getting basics and rhythms is pretty fun. Now some of you may not know, but I graduated with a Bachelors of Music Education.......and have been waiting to do this for a while! It is in my blood, and LOVE IT!!! Of course I am realistic that not all of our children may even want to do anything with music, but hey I have a chance with 7 (8 soon??) children.

I would love to ask for prayers for all of my friends in the Ethiopia program. I feel the anxiety in the posts, in the comments on facebook, and on our agencies listserv. It is really hard when there are road bumps in your adoption! I should know- since of course we still haven't heard back from immigration- maybe not for 5 more months....ahhh...

So back to the program. The outline is that there will now be 2 trips required. Both a week long. The first will have both parents there to meet the child within a few weeks after the referral. Then 2-3 months later after the court date has happened they will go back to pick them up- only one parent is required this time.

Good things- no readoption once back in the States, and you get to meet your child much sooner. I would have given my right arm to have met our Hannah Grace before she passed away one week before here adoption happened in Ethiopia. (she had special health needs, and is our angel in heaven)

Hard things- 2 trips- extra cash needed- between $5-6,000 extra. Which is a lot! You have to leave your other children behind twice, and you have to leave your newly met child behind in Ethiopia. Most people don't pass court the first time. Babysitters, vacation times, etc. will all be stretched a bit more.

Although this will hopefully affect us as well at some point.....we are not "in process" right now so to speak. So I guess I am not panicked about it, but I have some wonderful friends through AGCI & other agencies that have been called to adopt, and these changes are HUGE, and they are already in process, and this is a big deal.

So I am asking for some prayer for all of them!!!! Adoption is NEVER without some road bumps, but this is a pretty big bump. So if you have a friend that is adopting from ETH- and have some extra cash- help! If you don't have cash, offer some time to help when they have to leave- twice! If you don't have either, or know anyone- PLEASE PRAY!!!!! Our God is SOVEREIGN!!!!!!!! He is in control, and we have to love and support each other!

For anyone out there in the area or willing to send your children here- I am available to help! Adoption is REALLY important to me, and I know this is a big deal! Also rest assured we are all storming the Heavens on your behalf!

(for those of you in other programs that have always had this, imagine not knowing until a couple weeks prior or less that this has all changed as of IMMEDIATELY)


  1. Love the hairstyles on your lovely ladies! They look adorable.

    And Dawn, obviously you either have music in your blood or you have major hearing loss if you're excited about 7 kids learning the recorder at one time! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Hee Hee! :-)

    My sis called me right away with the news of the change in Ethiopia, and while we're praying for them, we're still praying for you too.

  2. you mean people already Dossier to Ethiopia aren't grandfathered in? This affects EVERYONE regardless of where they are in process??!?!?

  3. They said - that they believe that if you already have a court date- you are exempt, but were very fuzzy about anyone else.

  4. LOVE their hair. You do an amazing job! I STILL need to get swimming caps...

    Just seeing the pictures of the recorders gave me a headache... I think we'll stick with the piano! ;)

    My heart hurts for everyone in the ET program right now. I have been praying...

  5. always exciting around your house. great job on the hair! and i love your little recorder orchestra. i didn't read your blog and just learned about the loss of your hannah grace. have experienced a lot of loss in adoption. and A LOT of joy obviously. you have a precious family!

  6. Love the hair. It is so beautiful. I can't believe how quick it is.

  7. I think the recorders will be fun. You have your own ensemble.

    Don't you love iet when they change the rules during an adoption? That happened so many times with ours that I wonder if they ever would have come home if it weren't for the earthquake.

  8. Love the hair styles! Hopefully someday I will come back here and get more pointers :o)
    I too am praying for all those involved with the process. Or adding another trip. I guess part of the issue that started it was the amount of parents showing up in ET and deciding not to take the kids home. SO sad that it's happened enough that they feel a new law is necessary. :o(
    Still in prayer for you!!

  9. I'm so sad to hear the latest news about Ethiopia. I'll be praying.