Thursday, March 18, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Do you remember that song....
Count your blessings name them one by one.
Count your blessings see what God has done.
Count your blessings name them one by one.
Count your blessings see what God has done.

I love being happy! I love my children! I love my wonderful husband who is by far the best in the world (I know some of you may argue withe me over this, but hey- I'm right)!!! I love the ministry because we get to share God's love with others! I love our home, the fact that we can have a wonderful roof over our heads, beds to sleep in, food on the table, computers, homeschooling materials, 2 dogs, a cat, and 2 gerbils, we have clothes to wear, shoes to wear....

I AM SOOO BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mourning loss is not a fun or easy road. Anyone who has ever experienced it - knows. The road of adoption is long, hard, and sometimes really feels unbearable!

When counting my BLESSINGS- I can't deny that my life is filled with joy & hope!

The other night Andrew decided he was going to be grumpy- really grumpy. We were having tacos and his soft shell- fell a part. Frustrating yes, the end of the world- no. In the end he really threw one of those- I'm not going to eat it, I am mad, I won't look at you or talk to you kind of moods. So Jason took him to the homeschool room. He went to a website - Either Compassion or World Vision (both are great!!) and showed real pictures of poverty. Of people who don't get to eat. REALITY! For way too many around the world. After a long discussion both Andrew & daddy came back - new people. In fact I said Jason can I reheat your meal for you I am sure it's cold. He said no- which is unusual. Well later that night he told me about the discussion. He said he almost couldn't eat anything. Because he remembered as we all should- REALITY!

So my new outlook on reality. We have loved and lost 2 sweet baby girls in less than 2 years. BUT- we have 7 beautiful children, and so much more than I could ever ask for!!!

Today - my attitude this morning started off pretty sketchy at best. Then I decided I was going to force (yes that is something sometimes we all have to do) myself to see things today as best I can- How God sees it. After homeschooling- morning session, we went on a walk. It is a beautiful day!!!

Things I am thankful for that are wonderful extras:
Seeing my children learn new things
Seeing my children discover new flowers, seeds, bugs, frogs
Petting our next door neighbors horses over the fence
The fact that we have a job that provides for our family- and my husband and I get to work together :)

Things I have heard my children say that are very very cute & wonderful today:
Jonathan- I hold you (which means pick me up please)
Sarah- held my hand and actually conversed with me (this is a praise God moment trust me)
Sarah- being unselfish allowed Jonathan to hold my hand later - to take turns (very amazing as well)
Joshua- picked some flowers and said they were for his wife. He continued to say he wants to give his wife lots of flowers. When Sarah asked - what is her name- Joshua said "I don't know her name. All I know is that she is made in the image of God" (Anyone's heart melting yet? Because I know mine did.)

In my counting Blessings.....we remember that God still loves us, even when we are hurting.

So what are some of the blessings you have seen today?


  1. What a wonderful post! Your so right in every way!

  2. Great post! I, too, need to count my blessings today and pick myself up out of my funk.

    :) :) :)

  3. Wonderful post, Dawn!

    Today I am rejoicing in the enormous blessing that is my son - we received our referral one year ago today! Also, the SUNSHINE!! We are having a glorious sunny, high-60's day here in Ohio...Yay!

  4. Did I find you Dawn. I think this is you and your beautiful family!
    Awesome talking w/ you today!

  5. Guess we both got fun kid comments today to light up our day!!!

    I found counting my blessings was my best defense when I was battling anxiety. Now I try to make it a daily occurance!!

    Simple, but powerful!!

  6. All I can say is thank you for posting. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. Thanks for blessing us Dawn!

    Just found out a friend lost her 20 yr old son...I'm thankful for my family and that they are safe tonight in their beds. Bless you my friend.

  8. I am blessed by ten healthy (relatively speaking) and joyful children (most of the time). Like Donna, I too have been battling major anxiety due to a recently diagnosed hormone imbalance. However, this month has been anxiety free, and oh how blessed I am for that (my husband and children would agree).

  9. Yes...I often "count my blessings instead of sheep" (White Christmas movie) at bedtime to reflect on my day. The sun is shining bright here too...and I played outside with my two amazing girls who giggled on the swingset...and Eva got SO excited b/c of "our new garden"...which is really just the weeds blooming in the backyard..haha. Who knew weeds could make someone so happy. :)