Friday, November 13, 2009

Sometimes Christmas is like......

Thinking this is what is all know the tree decorated pretty, and all those presents you will get............
When really it is
about all the wonderful people you
get to experience life with...
Those beautiful faces...
you see everyday
but really take a closer look........
I mean- really a deep look into their eyes
Ok maybe too close...he he he
Just kiddin' For real take a look at those around you everyday
How much do you know about them?
Do you know what they really want for Christmas?
How about who they really are?
What is their true personality?
Are you a real friend to them?
Do they make you laugh, cry, and smile- all at the same time?
So sometimes Christmas is like- making sure you know what the REAL deal is. We hear this all the time, we preach it, we hear sermons on it, we know it in our hearts, we hear it from others......but do we live it?

So the REAL DEAL is that this Christmas season ( I know it is a ways off yet, but preparing for it should be year round)......look deeply into the hearts of others around you. Get to really know who they are, know who God created them to be. Know them- because they were created by God!!!

What JOY can you share with others this Christmas season? How can you give someone a glimpse of who God is? Remember the journey to Christmas is about people and God showing us the real love so we can share that with others....

***OK Disclaimer. I have already had people say - WOW already- Christmas talk? OK - we have set up our tree BECAUSE we are leaving for England soon. Hey, doesn't bother me!! I love it!!! I love the song by Nicole C. Mullen "365" - she sings - I would love for Christmas to stay 365 days.......

Other things we do......
We don't open presents on Christmas! There I said it. It is true...we open them up anytime in November- January. It changes from year to year...sometimes during Advent, sometimes afterwards. Just not that important when - because the gifts are for fun & the anticipation of that fun is what makes it great.

Why? We don't do Santa. Yep, it is true. Some people may never read my blog again. It's all good. I have had people literally drop their jaw and say- you are crazy. Well, that has happened several times...not all of them to do with this comment. Hey, I have heard people use Santa as the real St. Nick - and that is a great idea. We just don't do Santa. Our kids know we are the gift givers and that we do it because God has given us them as our gifts to share things with.

We also give gifts that are generic. I mean gifts that benefit everyone. They don't get a gift "for them". We give games- so we can play together, we give books- that we can read together, we give Christian movies that we can enjoy together, we give lincoln logs or legos or other toys we can use together. So the focus is not on what one person gets it is how we get to share this with each other.

Wanted to share some fun books that really tell about Christmas.......

Granny Mae's Christmas Play by Bob Hartman Funny story that is fun to do yourself too! Granny Mae has everyone in the family be a part of her story....

God Gave Us Christmas- by Lisa Bergren good for little kids

The Little Spider- by Cindy Morgan made up story of how a spider helped Mary, Joseph, & baby Jesus escape the soldiers.....cute

Clopper The Christmas Donkey & Clopper & the Night Travelers- by Emily King Cute stories told from the donkey's point of view.

The Christmas Miracle- by Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman about the true meaning of giving which has nothing to do with the perfect gift....

The Pine Tree Parable- by Liz Curtis Higgs (there is a series and they are all great) this one is about giving at Christmas

Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift- by Max Lucado I LOVE THIS ONE- it talks about what to give God - The Maker on "Maker's Day". Really leads in well to talking about your gifts and how God wants - us.

Series of books: They tell about how these things came to be :) Great for younger & older children!! We love learning more about the traditions- from a Christian perspective. Really opens your eyes and allows you to know more about why we have these traditions.
The Legend of the Christmas Stocking- by Rick Osborne
The Legend of St. Nicholas- by Dandi Daley Mackall
The Legend of the Christmas Tree- by Rick Osborne
The Legend of the Candy Cane- by Lori Walburg

So there you have it. Love hearing more about your favorite song, tradition, or books about Christmas :)

A couple of notes: Great news in that in a few hours we start our weekend camp for Jr/Sr high kids - YEAH!!! We will be talking about Spiritual Gifts- please pray that their hearts would be open to what God has to say to them!

Not so good news on the adoption front- we were told it could be at least 2 more weeks before we even hear about a court date. No good. Sometimes I am ok, and others I feel like I could just curl up and bawl my eyes out (and do). I miss Naomi sooo much. Again...I have never been good at waiting........and yet we have adopted almost 8 children....crazy!

Have a great weekend- we will!!!!


  1. Thanks for all the great ideas! We are striving to make Christmas 100% about Jesus and nothing else. I love the ideas.

    Praying for your court date to come soon!!!

    Love in Jesus,

  2. We always told our children Santa is a party game at Jesus's birthday...we get razzed about that too. Thank you for the wonderful ideas...I need to sit down and think now. It's a really neat concept to give presents that can be used as a whole, instead of got me thinking...THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

  3. Beautiful post. Love the book ideas :)

  4. Fun!! We too have our tree up...we have for weeks!! My mom tells me to shut my shades because my neighbors are going to think I'm crazy! Also, we don't do the santa thing either! I think the real reason for the season is way better!!! The birth of our Savior is such a beautiful story and it's REAL/TRUTH!!!!!
    Celebrating Christ's Birth with you:)

  5. I love everything you had to say and agree with it all! wish we lived closer so our big families to hang out and live life together! hang in there on the court far it sounds like people in early NOV were overbooked and rescheduled for Dec. Our date is 30 NOV we are hoping its not overbooked that day too...ugh. I agree I hate waiting!! Especially when a special someone is just sitting and waiting!!

  6. I love all your Christmas suggestions.

    We don't do Santa either.

    I am not good at waiting also. :)

  7. I love your family's heart. I just read through a ton of posts. You look so familiar to me. not sure why. We are also an AGCI family but China...we used wacap for our Ethiopia adoption that wasn't. Yeah. I know it sounds odd but God was in control and we are finally at peace.
    How do we know each other??
    Your children are beautiful beautiful beautiful and love their hearts as I'm getting to know them through you :)
    Can't wait to hear about your travel dates for Naomi!
    Many blessings,
    Holly- Purpose Driven Family

  8. Our tree has been up for a week now, & today we did the outside! I'm sure our neighbors think we're nuts. I think we need more than 3 weeks to prepare and celebrate for the biggest birthday of the year!:-)

  9. I love your family- your kids are too cute!! I can hardly wait until Naomi joins you!!

    Love your christmas ideas! May have to do some of them!

    Here is a GREAT book- The Tale of Three Trees- it is a must read, a must get, it is my favorite! You won't be disappointed!

    Bless you all?