Sunday, November 8, 2009

Abigail's 10th Birthday

OK so our little bit of sunshine doesn't have the best morning face...........
But once she wakes up and pet the cat (Sylvester) who loves Abigail and mommy more than anyone else in the house......she is ready to go....
Of course the first thing you do on your birthday is open presents & cards :)
My girl loves some lip gloss.....
A pink Bible case (of course it is pink- everything is for her)
And a Sea World trainer Barbie.......a book, cards, and lots of love :)
Not hard to see by looking at her face- she is our true "Source of Joy" which is what her name means!
I mean look at that face- you can tell this child is beautiful on the outside, but you can see right through to her heart- which is very beautiful as well!!!!!! The scarf- a home knitted gift from a church friend- She LOVES it!
And.....a girl after my own heart- she loves cheesecake!!! YUMMY!!! So I made her a cheesecake :)
Look at the joy of life..... So my top 10 things I love about my girl....
10) She loves pink (even though I used to love pink....time has changed me and I now love green) and looks great in it :)
9) She loves pets just like me- animal shelter ones, ones that need homes & love
8) She takes her time to do things well
7) She enjoys the little things in life
6) The fact that it wouldn't matter to her if we just gave her a home made card or 30 gifts....she doesn't really care about material things.... :)
5) Her excitement when she learns something new- love her expressions
4) The fact that she loves to kid around, and roll her eyes when mommy & daddy say silly things...or when she fake cries and is sooo good at it others believe her and think we are the worst parent in the world- and then she laughs at us for it.....cheeky girl
3) The fact that she loves be a big sister to 7 other siblings....and would be happy with more children if it means that more children would have a family.
2) The fact that she doesn't mind being last or putting up with doing more work when she is paired with a younger sibling that doesn't do her fair share.
1) That she loves the Lord with all her heart. She really loves reading and being read to from Scripture...and learning more about prayer. I am inspired by her- Thank You Abigail!!!!
Our friends we went to play with at the park....
fun with the wagon time......

Bubble fun is always a hit- note the square bubble in the middle- yep - really cool!!!
Mommy & Sarah going for a ride.....
I have to tell you a little bit more about my oldest daughter. Tonight while I was blog reading....she came up to me and handed me a brown paper sack that she had colored on. She said it was a gift for me & daddy. I opened it up. Inside there was a card - that said she loved mommy & daddy....and then I noticed at the bottom of the bag was some change.

When I asked her what that was- she said it was her gift to bring Naomi home. I am in tears.....knowing how much our children care about each much they truly deeply wish for every child to have a home. How much they want their sister home as much as we want our daughter home.

Our Abigail is not perfect, but she is a shining example to me and others of Jesus. Thank YOU GOD for this precious gift of life that you choose to give to me!


  1. What sweet amazing kids you have :)

    Happy Birthday to Abby - looks like she had a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday Abigail! Big hugs from the Big D family!!!

    What a precious gift for the birthday girl to give to her dad and mom. So sweet!

    mama of 13

  3. Happy Birthday, Abigail! Your mommy and daddy are very blessed to have a great daughter like you!

    Love in Jesus,

  4. Happy Birthday!!! What a beautiful girl!!! Praying for a blessed year!

  5. Happy Birthday! I can tell that she is beautiful inside and out. I LOVE her hair... you did a great job!

  6. What a sweetheart! She is amazing. Happy Birthday Abigail from Tennessee!

    Naomi is going to have a blast with these wonderful siblings of hers!

  7. I love your family!! What precious children you have!! Such blessings!!

    Happy Birthday Abigail!! It looks like you enjoyed your special day!!

  8. PRECIOUS! Happy Birthday Abigail!

  9. I think Abigail is my hero! Happy birthday sweet girl!

  10. Happy Birthday Abigail!
    I love the top 10 list! It's great!

  11. Happy Birthday Abigail!!!!!!!!