Thursday, November 26, 2009

Got to see baby seals on Thanksgiving day!

So even though today is Thanksgiving......well since we are in's a bit different. So we decided to go to Horsey- yep that is the correct name. It is along to coast of England. And there are sand dunes all over this particular coastal area.
The kids were just so amuzed that the sand was soo deep! Loved it! Here is Elizabeth showing us how to climb the sand :)
It was pretty windy so we wore hats and gloves- because of the wind. Other than that it was sunny!!! Beautiful day.....and beautiful children to go with it.....
Love that scarf!!!....... and the smile
Matthew & Joshua.....I think Matthew has reminded me at least a 100- no closer to 1,000 times that today is the last day he will be 6 and tomorrow he will be 7! How does that happen???
Here is Andrew reading about the grey seals......
the kids......
grandpa pointing out something I am sure that is riveting to grandma.....
A windmill that is on the historical listing......
And here is the beach....
Bunches of seals.......
Baby nursing....
Enjoying the sun mommy & baby.....There was between 10-15 seal pups that we saw and loads of mommies & daddies too.

At one point there were 2 males fighting.....biting each other on the neck. It got pretty bloody......and the kids were saying how it wasn't nice. I agreed, but it was interesting to see. Of course a nearby mommy pushed her baby out of the way and gave them a strict warning to get out of her area.

Funny how our lives reflect this same thing. We fight all the time....even make each other bleed- by our actions and words....hurtful things that we do. Onlookers probably say look at those two making loads of noise, hurting each other, making each other bleed- for what?

And my favorite a protective mommy! Loving her pup and saying to those around...I love my babe beware!

Praying that we would remember to not hurt each other during our time with family this Thanksgiving. That we would use words to Glorify & uplift, not cut and hurt. That we would turn the other cheek, and not cut deep. That we would heal old wounds and not create new ones.

As the last chapter I read in the Crazy Love book clearly states- You may not finish reading this is don't have time to waste....spend it on what is REALLY most important!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful day you had :) Happy Birthday Matthew :)

  2. How fun!!! You know you really need your own TLC show:) Not that we want you to turn out like Jon and Kate of course!!!!But you do have a VERY interesting and crazy life!!!!

  3. It looks like you are all having a marvelous time in England! So glad for you! I love your perspectives...

  4. What a great picture if the Momma and her baby!

    I would like the last chapter in that book too!