Sunday, November 22, 2009

The park & Sunday hang out at the church....

Mum & Jason singing as we hung out at the church after church........
The kids singing.....with daddy & grandma.... so today after church we decided to stay & play with the kids. We also sang praises too. It was great to have the room to run around with the kids, and plenty of toys, and we also had a "picnic lunch" at the church was fun.....
More playing....
rainsticks.....are just tooo fun to watch.......
Jonathan having a grumpy moment on the floor- I am sure no one ever has seen this before- he he he he he
Jason, mum, & dad.....and yes that is a YELLOW viola- very serious people here....

OK- I gave her fair warning that I would be posting this on my blog....she is just so serious about - her fun!!! Now you know why we get along so well....

I love our children's faces....I mean beautiful.....ok a little biased.... :)

So the pictures below are from a nearby park we went to the first full day we were here. It had this fun "ropes course" for was great!!!

Dad tried it....and it was tough! I tried it too....and fell you know....he did end up finishing it, but it is harder than it looks. Well, until you see the kids zip right through it! Crazy.

sorry.....oops - how do you deleat a pic you already uploaded???

So there you have it....wet, rainy, and cold compared to Louisiana....but we are managing to have loads of fun!!! Yesterday we went to a nearby town and did some shopping...which was fun. We bought loads of sweeties (candy- american term), and the kids got their allowance to spend which they loved.

Have a beautiful Sunday, and enjoy your day. We are making the most of our time here, and relaxing with vacation.......time to slow down........and just enjoy!!! Enjoy God's gifts, family, and being alive :)


  1. Those faces should be on a poster for ADOPTION..they are all gorgeous!!! If more people could see your family and those faces, I know more people would step up to the plate...:) kj

  2. Your children are beautiful! And it looks like everyone's having fun and making memories! Also loved all of the special, loving preparations and touches mum and dad did to prepare for your arrival--American flags, 15 passenger van (haha), spare beds. Too sweet.

  3. Beautiful family of course! Im glad you all are having fun!

  4. You guys look like you all are just having a ball! I wish I could have seen all the people's faces in the airport as you boarded with all your children. I'm chuckling right now :)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. what fun grandparents! you may be biased about your kids, but you are not incorrect...their faces ARE beautiful!!!

  6. So glad you guys are having such a special relaxing time! Enjoy every second!!

  7. Yep, those kids are beautiful...glad to see you having a good time with the folks.

  8. I love your kids faces as well. ;o) Looks like you are having too much fun. ;o)