Friday, November 6, 2009

Remembering our first meeting with Jonathan

OK so even after knowing that I should go in reverse order with the pics....I just forget.

So the above pic is my proudest moment........Jonathan is in my arms and isn't screaming after 2 minutes.

So here is a play by play since my pics are out of whack. He wakes up from his nap (from last post)...he screams- probably thinking who are you???

His special mom gets him to calm down and I help put on his shoes.

We walk with him to the swings....he is not impressed........

Then we give him a gummy- food makes everything better- right? NOT in this case...he just holds it in his hand making it hard to swing really.

We talk to him....sing to him.....still not impressed.....eventually he gets off and walks away.....

I for some reason run up the little hill in my sandals and break my foot (didn't know it was broken until we came home, but I did know it hurt- A LOT)

We sit on the curb....bring out the bubbles......that is ok, but don't come to close please

Then he takes Jason's hand......awwww...(not mine? what is that???)

Jason picks him problems...... (I am extremely jealous!!!!!!- really like a big monster of jealous feelings come out!!!)

I try to hold him......he of the wonderful children at HH scoops him out of my arms and takes him to his special mother.......(in my brain I am thinking- noooooooo.....but I know they were trying to help)

After which I follow closely and she is in the toddler indoor playroom with some other cutie pies. Even though I am screaming on the inside from pain in my foot...I am determined to make this child love me! (he he don't be fooled we have adopted 6 times prior to this, and I know it can't be forced, but you know that instinct inside wants bonding to happen :)

Once next to his special mother- he avoids me like the plague......I stand away from him- snap a few pics, and play with the other children a bit. He picks up a ball......and his special mom- who is very wonderful!!!! Plays with him....and moves closer to me slowly. When he throws her the ball she then gives it to me and says "mommy, mommy"...he was still not impressed, but it helped that she was telling him this lady is fine.

Dinner time.....he still doesn't want me....even though I have his source of food. A boy comes to help, and he keeps giving me the food to give to him, but it doesn't work. He doesn't want any from me!

So I finally after what seems like forever get him to take my hand. Smarter than before I take him around the other side of HH where there are no kids....and then after talking to him for a few minutes....I pick him up........he cries, but there is no one to rescue him....and as I sing and talk to him some more....he stops (probably only surrendering because he has no one to help him :) Poor boy.

Then they offer an official tour of HH....and I carry him the whole time...I am not letting him down for anything in the world. You couldn't have paid me any amount of money to put him down even though my foot was in sooo much pain that if it wasn't for the sheer joy of holding Jonathan.....I would be wiggin out.

**Side note: Jonathan is now a mommy's boy through and through.......which actually happened a couple of weeks after being home.

I love this picture of Jonathan and daddy....even if the green monster of jealousy is roaring inside me at this time :)
Pointing to the gate of Hannah's Hope....
The first time Jonathan holds daddy's hand.....awwwww (he deserves that after the first time of changing Andrew- he got peed on- he he he he.....)
Hey, you...the strange man who woke me up.....want to see my bubbles???
Hey, you make those things come out....they are kind of cool.......they float and then I pop them. I kind of like this game.

So there you have it....our first crazy meeting..............Can't wait to experience our first meeting with NAOMI soon too :)


  1. I love reading about "gotcha" days. He is so sweet. I can't believe you BROKE your foot and didn't know it! That is crazy!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I have really enjoyed it. It is nice to hear the stories that don't always go "picture perfect" because that could be reality for all of us.

    I can't believe you broke your foot!! Ouch!

  3. Love this sweet story! The picture of the two of you blowing bubbles is just precious! Can't believe you broke your foot! And can't wait for you to meet Naomi!

  4. Oh the joys of meeting your toddler. Not exactly rainbows and butterflies, but in the long run that doesn't really matter anyway. Love those memories :)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing - I can't imagine all of the emotions that you're re-living as you prepare to go back to HH. What a beautiful example you are!

  6. Great to hear your story. Does sound somewhat familiar!!

    We met our kids 5 and almost 3 in the airport, we were not allowed to travel, and when the escort handed me my daughter it was like someone hit an on switch for very loud screaming!!! Seriously, in the airport!! After about 5 minutes I handed her to my husband and she Stopped just like that!!! How is that for mommy rejection!!

    No, adopting a toddler is not easy, but the blessing have far outweighed the pain!!

    Delighting in Him

  7. That experience must have been amazing. I am so glad you have Jonathan. I can't help but think of all the sweet children out there with out Mommies and Daddies. It breaks my heart.
    You guys are so awesome. God bless you!

  8. I had a lot to catch up on! Your family is so beautiful. Thanks for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog.

  9. Dawn, It is so helpful to read these kinds of stories since we are adopting a toddler too. Thanks for sharing your true feelings...I would have been jealous too...haha. And it is great to know that he had such a good turn around with you after only 2 weeks! What a blessing!


  10. oh, that gives me old was he?? I can't remember...He's so beautiful..and you guys look great..what a cutie, kristi

  11. Love it Dawn! One of our girls would not go to us either. It took her at least a 1/2 hour to warm up, but it felt like FOREVER. I can't believe you broke your foot. I am sure you were in so much pain all week. I know I say this a lot, but I love your blog!! ;)

  12. Jonathan was 1 1/2 years old when we picked him up :)

  13. I am so inspired by your family. And after reading this, I can't wait for our first meeting with our little one in Ethiopia!