Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Flight to England with 9 people :)

We're here!! Our official first day in England and we are all safe! We arrived almost on time yesterday local time (6 hours ahead of our Louisiana time) at 11:40am. My parents and a friend of theirs Peter from church, were at the airport to pick us up. The kids of course were very very excited..... (side note the pic above was taken by Jason while in the plane as we were landing it is Battersea Power Station...which oddly enough is not used anymore...and has been empty for quite some time, but nontheless???)
Here are the girls in a row of 3 with daddy to keep them in line. Look at those gorgeous faces!!!
The "older" kids in a row in between.......enjoying themselves too....
And mommy and the little boys.....hanging together in the last row of 3. That way I could keep my eye open in case there was any trouble. Of which there really wasn't any!
Can we say- Dawn keep your eyes open!!!
Open up thos little fun bits they give children :) They had a pen that had several colors of ink in it- remember those. I had one when I was younger- loved it!!! An activity book, deck of cards all in a neat British Airways pouch. Of course I don't know if they were more fascinated by the headsets, airplane footie socks, sleeping mask, and travel toothbrush with tiny toothpaste or the kids' travel pack????

Either way....between that, eating, watching "UP", and going to the cool was time (actually well past time) to sleep. Loved the flight and they all just did sooo well. Thank you for all of your prayers :)
I mean really what do you expect from these beautiful children???

So I have been thinking about.......God's the middle of the night Jonathan got very cranky....just uncomfortable....and was trying to get comfortable. So I pulled him closer to me...into my arms. Into a safe place that is warm and soft....and he grabbed hold of me....and instantly feel back to sleep.

That is how we are as God's Children. As many of you know....we have been anxiously...impatiently waiting for a phone call about a court date. It's not that we know it won't happen, or that it won't be in God's Timing ......BUT you know. I am a control freak! I want to know and I want to know NOW. I was crushed on Monday when Julie called and said we may not know for a couple more weeks....WHAT!!!! What do you mean????

As devastated as I was.....I remember thinking that at least if we had to wait longer.....being with family (which we rarely ever see) was going to help pass the time. God pulled me back into His Arms.....and I started to give thanks for ALL that we are BLESSED with...and I relaxed.

So getting an e-mail less than a couple of hours before leaving about the fact that we had a court date!!!!!! That blew me away! We were thrilled beyond words. What a great reminder that we can relax in God's Arms. That we can trust HIM! Just like our little Jonathan trusted me on that strange airplane.

You know.....what more BLESSED can we get. We have a beautiful family, we are here visiting other family, we had a great flight, we have food, beds, and we get to spend time together without working for a we wait for December 9th to we get closer to bringing home our baby girl. Hey, I thought this morning (well in the middle of the night acutally) that we are actually CLOSER to Naomi while we are here. Only 2 hours time difference.....our baby is awake and playing or eating....or taking a nap......

THANK YOU LORD for our court date, and for your restful arms...even when we resist.


  1. We have free wi-fi here in the KNoxville airport as we wait on our flight, so I am enjoying my time by catching up on blogs. It amazes me to see all your beautiful children doing well on the plane ride! I hope I can be that good...haha! Hugs! I'm on my way to HH and hopefully will get to see Naomi!!!


  2. Great pictures. Everyone looks excited and happy.
    It still amazes me how God can surprise us! He is so good at that. :)

  3. So fun to see the pictures. Glad everything went well on the flight. Enjoy your trip !!

  4. SO FUN!!! I am so thankful you all are there safe and sound. Can't wait to follow the rest of your vacation. We are getting ready to head to Maine for Thanksgiving. A 20 hour drive... fun times!

  5. Praying for you all! Im glad the flight went well, have fun!

  6. Yea! So excited for you! May your time there be BLESSED!!!

    Laurel & the gang :)

  7. Looks and sounds like great fun...and the news about the court date is fantastic. Praise the Lord. I hope you have a great trip and enjoy all the good gifts of God to your and yours while you're there.