Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hingham.....hanging out

The road my parents live on....by the way...this is their road sign- lower to the ground than ours here....
The town sign.....(actually this is a village technically)
Georgian houses near the village center...
speed limit sign....downtown area...
The kids....sort of looking at the camera (he he he - hey at least with 7 you have a chance that some will be looking, at least one will be upset, and well you know some will be looking anywhere but at the camera)
The kids had fun looking at the sheep in a pasture are as we were walking along. Don't see many in Louisiana....

A very old church in Hingham.....still standing...I guess they knew how to build them. Great lessons for homeschooling!!!

So there you have it today we relaxed.

Praying for all those who have court dates fast approaching. Praying for those in Ethiopia right now. It is always hard to wait, to not know....but praying for all of those in that time now.

Have started reading the book Crazy Love, and I LOVE IT!!! What an eye opener!!! I highly recommend it to everyone.

Planned today for our trip into London next week....watch out London here we all come!!!! We plan on going on the London Eye, seeing all kinds of sights, going to the Tower of London- seeing the crown jewels, climbing the Monument (where the Great Fire of London started), and all kinds of bits and pieces. It will be great!


  1. Oh wow.. LONDON!! Enjoy :) The pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing them!!

  2. How beautiful!!!! I totally missed that your were going to England!!! AWESOME!!! All the pictures are beautiful and I can tell your having lots of fun! Next time I'm going to hide in one of your suitcases!!!

    Congratulations on your court date!!! What an exciting time for you all!