Saturday, May 30, 2009

Matthew Joseph Wright

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So this is our miracle number 3....born at 5lbs. 14oz. He looked like a baby doll, and because he was soo light in that carrier/carseat compared to Andrew when we switched him to the "toddler" car seat a month was completely odd. We kept he in here?

So here is a miracle all 3 of our children in our home now.....would eventually become ours....eventually! So Andrew's adoption would become final about 2 months after this picture, but Matthew's case still went on for another year. We literally finalized his adoption 2 weeks before we moved to Louisiana to the camp where we are now! Talk about God's timing and not our own!!!!!!
So here he is my Mama's boy to the T. He won my heart from the first time we saw him. The good part about his case in the social work system is that the biological mom wanted us to have him because she knew that we would treat her well, and so we got to meet him the day he was born (same birthday as his biological mom). It was one day before Thanksgiving....what a great miracle to be thankful for!!!!

The crazy part about his case was that the biological mom went through a really tough time as well. She had some shirt tail relatives that really took advantage of her. I won't go into too many details, but it was not ok! When that all fell by the wayside there she was all by herself, again. I have a deep empathy for her. She was abandoned at the age of 8 herself, and shifted from foster home to foster home. How can we expect her to know what a family is? The real problem was her depressive disorder that was made worse by her use of certain other chemicals.....

Well, this boy is a comedian, charmer, and has such a petite tiny frame of a just draws you in!!!! He loves to make others laugh with such a dry sense of humor. He can say all kinds of funny things with a straight face! It is great! He loves to cuddle too which is great for me.

He loves trains!!!! He is excited about any kind of train, and as a result has a lot of Thomas stuff. I was worried when Jonathan came home he may be jealous (he would no longer be the youngest boy), but he loves being a big brother. He even wants our next child to be a boy...our response - we have no control over what God decides.

He is just such an easy child....the kind that we needed after Andrew's colic. Thank you Lord for that!!! Wow 3 beautiful children!!!! How could we be any more Blessed??? Well, continue checking back in for the continuing stories.........


  1. I'm enjoying getting to "meet" each one of your kids. :)

  2. Hi! I always see your wonderful e-mnails on the yahoo sight and have always missed out on checking your blog. I was led today, and am so glad to meet you and know your families wonderful story! God Bless!