Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Chillin'

The above picture is of Jonathan - the very first time we met him at Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia- Sunday December 28th, 2008. How adorable is that? Our sleeping angel!!! The picture to the left is after we brought our angel home- look at that face- just makes you fall in love with him even more!

So we had to get up early to get to church today because both Jason & I were in the Praise Team. Came home...all had a nap with the storms going on it was great! Favorite quote of the day: When I woke up the kids Matthew said, "During my nap today God was speaking to me." Watch out world our kids are listening to God!!!!

Now the kids are watching "Horse Crazy" (we don't watch tv only movies we can preview). They love the movie and it is a great movie for kids. People ask us all the time what is it like in your house? Our reply?? Normal to us. You know toddlers throwing bouncy balls around the home, arguments - because someone is hitting someone, reading books all over (we have 3 active readers now) repeating what they said, bugging, etc, lots of hugs and kisses randomly given all the time, toys everywhere, dancing around the house, and so much fun!!!

My husband the wonderful cook is busy right now!!! Love it! I am so spoiled.

Tomorrow we have a special day- Jonathan Caleb Wright will be officially recognized by the US government as a part of our family!!!! We have a court at 9:30 and are very excited!!!!! So we are going to put on our adorable matching outfits, head to the courthouse, and we all get to be a part of our newest Wright Family member. Saturday we will have a party at our house in honor of him and all of our beautiful children. We welcome anyone who can come to join us in this special celebration from 5-8 pm on May 9th!

How perfect is that? The weekend of Mother's Day! We will be posting pics of the event so stay posted!

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