Monday, May 11, 2009

Jonathan's Adoption Party!

BUSTED!!! Joshua are you looking for your brother's presents????? What are big brother's for?

Is this my party??? Cool. I love the chocolate chip cookie cake that daddy made. Does it show? I may not be able to say a whole lot yet, but I do know the word chocolate. Of course it comes out more like....chokick. But hey, it's the cuteness that counts!

Here is Abigail out first child....our Shining Star. How beautiful is that smile? She is very excited about her new brother!!! (Although truth be known she wants another sister too...)

Ok Matthew.....we have to talk about your teethbrushing skills. (Did I mention I like to get silly gifts for all the kids on special days. Well, today it was funny teeth and fun glasses? What can I say.... I am crazy.)

Look at this handsome man! Great glasses, and great teeth! A real ham kind of guy. A great big brother though. Even though when we first brought home his (first) little brother when he was 1....he looked at him with disgust....and walked on by.....Good thing this only lasted a short time. Now he loves being a big brother which is good!!!

So our parties are (almost) no rule days. So pop, sugary drinks, plenty of candy....and they are having a blast!!!! Who could resist those smiles...not me!!

This is Jonathan taking full advantage of us not caring that the kids have loads of sugar on this special day!!! Can we say sneaky??? Just found himself a step stool.....and found out that he could see all the snacks....and took what he wanted! So glad to have him in our family!!!!!!

Yep, this is my husband holding our dear friends' baby girl! She is sooo cute!!!! Couldn't wait to hold her, and we were so glad they could come (they work at a camp in MS). So of course being a mommy who wants more children - of course I do!!!!!!! I said...look at that sweet face....don't you want more. Being a GREAT DADDY & HUSBAND- his reply- sure why not.

Our friends hanging out...Jason sporting his Ethiopian outfit...which we both wore. They are soo comfortable! We love them.

Our staff and volunteers love our children!!! It is great for them and us. Not to mention even though we don't live close to family....our children are still Very Very Very Very SPOILED!!!

Now this is our "grandma" that lives nearby. Her and her husband are wonderful, willing, and skilled volunteers- BLESS THEM!!!!! They babysat for us so we could go to our classes to be foster/adoptive parents when we first moved here to LA over 5 years ago now(yep we had to take the foster adopt class again when we moved...long story). They barely knew us, but are we glad that they love our children, and love the ministry that happens here at the camp! They are great!!! She also couldn't get enough of the baby smell & touch!!!
On the left our camp director's assistant....and our only babysitter extrodinaire!!!! She can handle all 7 on her own....she is completely amazing!!!!!! We have no idea what we would do without her! She is handy on a tractor, with our programming, and is a big part of our family. The fabulous young lady to the right....a former summer employee and mama to that cute baby!

Well what can I say....the party was fun. We had people that loved our children there...plenty of sugar for the kids.....and just happy that we have been sooo blessed with Jonathan Caleb Wright!!! It is a huge reminder of how far our family has come, and an indicator for where we are stay tuned for when we will be adopting....again........ (just a hint we can't start paperwork until late in the year...).


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet boy!! He is so gorgeous!! kristi

  2. That looks like a great party. It's awesome to have such a wonderful support group when you don't have family nearby.
    I watch my kids sugar, too, but when they ask for "chokick", I have to give it. It's too cute!

  3. So much FUN!!!

    I am also adopting through AGCI. We were referred twin girls and are waiting on a court date. I have a question, if you don't mind. What hair products do you use for the children? Thanks!