Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah Joy Wright (Our Princess!)

So yesterday was Jonathan's Adoption Day...today Sarah's Birthday. I think it is God's sense of humor with 7 children and having lots of our Birthdays & Adoption days so close together.

So here is our princess- she let's everyone know that her name means princess! She is 5 today which is a hard birthday for me...they are no longer a toddler with chubby legs and they will officially start school (we homeschool- so that is better because I don't have to give them up for a whole day- all week long).

So let me tell you about our sweet Sarah. She is incredibly smart with a strong will. I do mean strong will!!! My mother says...you know that God may have given her that gift for a reason. She reminds me she is praying for us as we bring her up, and that God used me, and I have a strong will too. So I guess it will work out in the end.

So more on our Birthdays & Adoption Days at the Wright Home. We have all the presents on the table, with balloons, streamers, and a white board announcing what special day it is. They get to open the gifts as soon as everyone is up (we are all in our pj's still) and we are ready with the camera.

Chef Jason does a cake to order- including flavor of cake, frosting, and candies on top. Sarah chose chocolate, chocolate frosting, with M & M's on top. So Jason is doing that right now for the evening meal.

Now just look at that face and you can tell- she is just too cute!!!
Because she is also very smart this is a hard combo, but we just can't resist!!!!


  1. happy birthday sweet girl...kj

  2. She looks so sweet!
    And, thank you for your prayers for us! I cried when I read your comment. You are so right that the enemy does not want us bringing these children home...but the Lord will be victorious! Amen!