Saturday, May 16, 2009

Swimming Fun & Pre Summer Stress

So....our live right now consist of so many projects I think our heads spin just mentioning it. As Christian Camp Directors (we share our job..) our lives are crazy enough...add 7 children and it gets even crazier. So Mother's Day for us was a time to relax in our just remodeled swimming pool here at the camp......YEAH!

So in the above picture this is the girls....running from (the first picture) which is daddy loading up the big squirt foamy thing!! Scary......or maybe just fun to watch!
This is Matthew...loving the goggles look. Is he adorable or what? 6 years old, but just look at the face :)

Then there is the slide...something we added a couple of years ago, but never gets old!

What a beautiful day with my children. Couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day!!!!
So then there is this last week.....within one week we have of course been working like headless chickens because we have sooo much to get done before staff arrive (a week from tomorrow!!!). It started with our personal computer crashing....then our outdoor dog- Sugar dying- she got hit by the UPS truck.....then as Jason was mowing yesterday the mower hit a rock which proceded to knock out our back window in our 15 passenger van. So this last week has been crazy!!!! One more week to get through until staff are much to do. This is the time of the year when it all hits us.
As a homeschooling family....most people tend to follow a regular school schedule as in they take a summer break when public schools do- us we take a break from mid April - the beginning of June. Then once camp starts- we start homeschooling again. Crazy, but in our home - true!
So if there are breaks in our is only to do with the fact that we are preparing, praying, and working here. Please pray with us for the many campers who will be coming, our summer staff made up of wonderful college type students, us, and of course all of the families affected when a camper makes a commitment to give their lives to God, and to grow in their faith! WE just PRAISE GOD we get to play a part in God's Plan for them!!!

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  1. That looks like a great Mother's Day to me! I hope things start smoothing out as you prepare for your staff to arrive.