Saturday, May 23, 2009

Andrew's Story

So our story starts with the last picture. Actually the story starts with a heartache. You see at the point Andrew was born we were in the waiting period to adopt Abigail. That was would only be about 6 months before her official court date. But for Andrew on the day he was born we were told he would come to us. As directed by the bio mom....whom we had a good relationship with. She wanted her son to be with her daughter-makes sense.

Unfortunately the bio mom has a depressive disorder and she couldn't be released from the hospital unless she went to live with family or someone stable...and therefore she was released to live with her grandma...on the other side of the state. So as the social work system was a different county. The new social worker (who needed a bit of a coming to Jesus Meeting!!) thought that this mom had an unfair deal and that her son should be returned to her inside a couple of months. Well, having knowledge of the whole case thus far...this was not a good or safe idea. Unfortunately!

We waited and waited....had Christmas...but although thrilled about Abigail....longed for our son.........and we waited.....I promise it felt like years! This is the only time I can really look back on my life and claim TRUE depression. Not just a bad month or teary things, but depression. I wrote in my journal that I felt like I was at the top of a high know the cement ones that are really really tall. Above a pool with no water. And I was on the edge. So for any of you who have experienced know what I mean! It was a nightmare.

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That nightmare ended January 22nd after the court had happened the biological mother said she was moving back to her original home 45 minutes away. When this happened Andrew (then Antonio) would come to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt Christmas & New Year's and all the Holidays in one moment!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe she asked if we wanted for her to bring him tomorrow or if we wanted to travel the 6 hours to pick him up??? Is that a question???? Hello!!! I replied we will be ready to leave in 15 minutes & be there by you then...(and we stayed at a hotel).

I remember when we arrived at the home of the lady who was fostering him (she smoked worse than a chimney!!! with an infant!!!!- I remember thinking this is not right!!!). Abigail went right over to him and said I love you...and sang to him... "read" books to him....and I was in a dream of loving this little boy I had only heard about. There were months of court dates, visits again...2 times a week with bio mom. Severe colic!!!!! WOW that was a challenge any parent who has lived through that craziness knows what I mean. Screaming over 10hours a day!!!! You rock and rock...and nothing drive them in a car...hoping it will change formulas hoping that will do everything that is suggested...hoping something will work...and then finally one day- they stop screaming!!! Then you know how to say- THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!

Then a little less than a year later- We had an adoption day! And this fine young man who is sooo compassionate, emotional, and courageous becomes yours- on loan from God of course. But you look at his big brown eyes...and your heart melts you smile constantly, and you know that he is a miracle! You think to yourself is this real? And you find out- YES!

He is one of the children that really remembers prayer. When I say that I have read a blog or the yahoo group someone has asked for prayer- He remembers. He is constantly remembering to pray for all of those who don't have a mommy and daddy! Watch out world - He Will Help Save all those beautiful children!!!! When the hurricanes happen here in the south. He thinks about the children who have lost all their toys, clothes, homes, and who are displaced. He is stubborn, fun loving, and full of lots of energy.

We love our beautiful son!! Now 7 1/2 years old...where are those wobbly not yet walking legs??? Gone...replaced with a boy who loves to run, jump, bike, swim, and is all boy!!!


  1. what an incredible story .... i love to hear how God forms families ... Can you direct me to that statistic you mentioned on my blog about the 9% christians to adopt then there would be no orphans ... i have heard that a couple times and think we need to blast that on a shirt and really get people thinking ...

    i love popping over to see your family ... what a blessed blessed life ...

  2. We got it out of an American Family Association magazine...October 2008...and I stand corrected it is actually only 7%!!!! Puts us to shame on our lack of action on the issue.

  3. Wow! 7%

    I am guilty of not helping the issue, but God is pricking my heart--or jabbing with a pitch fork ;)

    Praying for God to lead through my hubby! Join me in praying for him?


  4. That's a beautiful story. And, he sounds like an amazing little boy! What a blessing!

  5. Your Andrew is precious - what a testimony to how much God loves the orphan!!

    Your entire bunch is beautiful and yes, we hear "are they all yours" often too. People are just too funny. Like I found a couple toddlers wandering in the store and just took them home with me??? Gracious be!