Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wrights and the Murphy's at none other than Busch Gardens

 Now some of you are they live at Busch Gardens?  Ummm......not quite, but pretty much since we have passes for the year (that we got cheaper because of being FL residents) and it is literally 20 minutes from our is a GREAT place to have some fun! 

OOOOHHHHHH- I mean look at this picture!!!  Michael loved this ride!  It was his first ride that he has gone on by himself.  I was nervous- of course....he is my baby boy!  He did well and giggled and laughed.  He is doing so well!!!  GO MICHAEL!!
 The others loved the ride as well.  Our friends the Murphy's have been to Busch Gardens before and also have a year pass.  So meeting up here was a great idea for fun. 

 Little man Zach definitely was enjoying himself as well. 
 It was fun to hang out and talk. 
 Watching our children have fun together. 
 The Murphy family has just completed their foster care class and are waiting on some final details so they will be open to taken in a child.  :) 
 Be still my heart! 
 My little man loved the horses too!  Look at him go!  All by himself and I just am in awe of how amazing this little miracle is! 
 Our kiddos get along really well as you can see.  Fast friends! 
 They were all enjoying Air Grover! 
 And of course loved hanging out and eating snacks. 
 Look at Michael drinking from a water bottle.  Another huge deal!  LOVE!
 OK so we were laughing so hard because this squirrel didn't want barbeque chips- or should I say crisps?  After all David and Jason are both fellow Brits!  he he he he..... 
 That little squirrel loved the salt n vinegar crisps though!  By the way we can thank the British for that flavor that I personally love. 

 I love these that they have around Busch Gardens- pretty cool! 
 This butterfly with its wings up looks pretty cool too. 
 He he he he he......NOW for those of you thinking this is inappropriate.  Well, my joke was not only is David Murphy a good friend, but he is the pastor for our Spanish service at our church (yes he is from Northern Ireland and preaches the Spanish's a fun story).  ;) Commence laughter....or at least from me.  I was "threatening" to send this to our lead pastor, and he just laughed.  So if you are local feel free to give him a hard time about beer tasting with us at Busch Gardens :). 
 Flying high!!!
 There is so much fun in getting together with others that you just have a connection with. 
 Something that is great about talking about your kids, discipline, how you do xyz, being in the church, and just having some great conversations. 
Awww.....this little guy was tired! 

Hope your week is going well!  See my last post for an incredible family that is venturing out and saying yes!  :) 

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