Monday, February 11, 2013

What do these things have in common?

Question of the day.......What do these things have in common?

 Police Station (are you impressed - I even found an English sign in honor of my English hubby)...........

 And.....the doctor's office? 

Let me know your answers in the comment section- or on FB  :)

 So the following are pictures from our day with the Murphy's at Busch Gardens :) 
 Michael.......happy little boy! 
 Not sure what Joanna is doing?  I think she is fake sleeping.....well hello Joshua. 
 On the train! 
 Ok so Joanna- what are you doing?  She seriously was smiling at me one second and the next she slid down so you can't see her- little turkey!  She is seriously a cheeky little miss ;)....very cute cheeky miss!!!
 Alicia holding Michael.....awwwwww......I think he liked it!!!!  I know Alicia did! 

***OK another prayer request for my bloggers because I know you are all great like that!  This family the Murphy's are almost ready for a placement for foster care.  They have boldly stepped out in faith, taken the class......and as with most adoptions I know there is a little bump in the road.  The agency they are working with.  So please pray with me that this would be resolved quickly and they could get the license they need- everything is done.....just paperwork that should have been presented already....hasn't.  :)  THANK YOU!!! 
Look at the "men" what do you think they are thinking about?  hmmm.......
 Joanna now getting her chance to love with Alicia!
 Kids having a blast playing! 
And fun photos of the adults and the kiddos!!!  I'd say those are some beautiful faces!!!  


  1. You were driving through the forrest . . .

    when you got chased by the police . . .

    which caused you to run into a tree . . .

    and y'all had to go to the doctors for your injuries.

    :) :) :)