Friday, February 8, 2013

A year ago.........

 So a year and a few days ago.......I stepped into the home of Michael's first healing life was forever changed as I met.......
 This little man.  Adorable to say the least!!
 I cuddled him, snuggled him, fed him, changed him, and talked with his first healing mom who is more than amazing!  I had read the information about him.  Imagined who he would be, but nothing ever prepares you for meeting your new son.  Nothing! 
 If I were completely honest- when she asked me - so how are you feeling about all of this- I would have said scared out of my mind.  Ha ha ha- so K if you are's true.  BUT, I would not dare say that!  I said going well, no worries ;).  Because you can't seem to be a wreck can you?
 No instead I remember who are you?  God how do I parent this child?  Show me how to show him You.  How in the world can I leave this home with this child?  How can I do this?  God, you do realize I am going to need your help  right?  Like - all the time? 
 So, on this day a year ago daddy got to meet him for the first time.  And this was an instant bond!  Daddy knows.....
 tickles will get you giggles!  He loved it!!! 
 (sorry pictures out of order) This was actually the first daddy met Michael.  :)  Awww....
 I have to say by the time we flew home- I was thinking.......I love this little man so much I am willing to do whatever, however, whenever for him!  God you better show me how!!! 
 I mean this face seriously made me want to go crazy :).  His cute looks when he made eye contact were amazing! 
 First time around the table as a family of 11!!! 
 My sweet baby in his crib. 
 The kids all loved him so much! 
 Fighting over holding him! 
 Wanting to help him along. 
 From then on of course we had to hold both twins so there was no arguing going on. 
 GG adores Michael!  Awww.........
 Oh yeah- remember he loved to dump the trash and roll the can around.....awwww.....oh and get in the dog food and water!  Constantly- still will!  Some things don't change! 
 Awwww........his muscle tone was low.  He still ate 2nd foods.  He drank from a bottle.  He couldn't sit up without a complete curve in his back and couldn't steady himself. 
 He didn't make eye contact in the beginning for more than a few seconds if at all. 
 NONE of those things mattered!  WE LOVED HIM AND ADORED HIM!!!!!!
 Aunt Jane got some Michael love too! 
 Awww....first pic in the famous orange stroller!  Cute twins!!!
 Awww....Michael in one seat- Joanna had to be in the other. 
 We soaked him up!  We gave it to God and said......
 God this child is your gift, help us to unwrap it.  Help us to know how to show him love. 
 Look at that cheeky face!  I tell ya' he was up to something! 
 When he started to actually look for me, reach for me, and now can say my name! 
 When he started to make more eye contact, eat 3rd foods- and toddler foods, when we made the switch to sippy cups, when he sat up on my lap for the first time without me "holding him up", when he sat up straight on his own for the first time, when he stood on his own for the first time, when he pulled himself up, when he took some steps with my fingers, when he threw a fit, when he cried, when he babbled, when he said- momma, dadda, Michael, baba, and bye bye- oh how my world was ROCKED!!!!! 
 Each and every step of the way we have prayed for whatever God has for this child! 
 God took our fears of "twinning" and tossed those out the window! 
 He brought us miracle after miracle of what they said he may never do. 
All those things......God said- whatever!  I have got this!  This child will reach new goals and surpass everyone's dreams!  He will surprise everyone!  
 This year ago today went through another change in his life.  One that I know was hard for his first healing family.  One that I think about all the time....and am reminded that if I believe God's mercies are new every morning for me, and this child, then I have to believe are new every morning for his first healing family too. 
A year ago........I thought I am not sure, but said YES!  YES GOD if you place this child in my arms I will do my best.  It won't be perfect, but I will do all I can. 

I PRAISE GOD EVERY DAY THAT THIS MIRACLE IS ALIVE AND HERE!!!!  I praise God for His ongoing healing and I know in my heart......I love him so is the true miracle of adoption that is special and unexplainable.  Thank you God for Michael!  Thank you for all who have loved him.....and thank you for placing him in our home. 


  1. What an absolute gift! Yes, thank you Lord for Michael and Your perfect plans for him!

  2. He is so cute! I love all the loving i your house. We serve an awesome God!