Thursday, December 6, 2012

There Once Was A Christmas Tree

 **First off...we don't have any news yet - (read my last post if you don't know what I am talking about).  We are hoping to hear more tomorrow....sometime.....

We did however get a fingerprinting appointment before the 24 hr typical wait time because of some "glitch" we will call that GOD!  Thank you :).  Our other checks that had to be updated because the agency didn't do things in a timely fashion are we just wait......until tomorrow...... does anybody remember how wonderfully horrible I am at waiting?  Yea.....sooooo.......anyway....on with the story. 

Oh and Jason is now working full time from home with me with Christian Adoption Consultants- so we could actually "drop everything" and go to get our fingerprints done yesterday!  Another God ordained timing!  
 There once was a Christmas Tree.  The Wright Family Fake Tree we will call it.....
 Awww....look I am just chillin' and being cute- thanks! 
 The annual put together the Wright Family Fake Tree had begun.....
 With Santa hats, cheesy smiles, and fun.
 Oh yes, and don't forget the......
 popcorn of course! 
 Awwww....isn't this cutie just make you want to kiss her?
 Tada!!!!! Looks great right?
 These two are inseparable :) 
 Added all the ornaments.......
 This was Michael's ornament this year :)  We got it because it was cute, had a "jingle" in it, and was soft - he like to play with it because it looks like a ball- perfect :). 
 Then we put out the other decorations......see this one.....we couldn't find an ornament with enough spaces last year because we had to leave one "blank" for our next child we had started the paperwork for.  So we found these cute bears- got 2 sets.  One set had 6 and the other had 5- Perfect..... (for now right?)  Now we just add Michael's name....awwww....... 
 Now look at this picture and the picture below.  I see a problem- actually 2- do you???
 Hmmmm.....Oh yes, first problem it is too low to the ground where someone might pull one of them down.  Whew....move them up higher!  Oh and there are a few names missing (Jason and I got new stockings to match all the kids' snowmen stockings, and Michael needs his name too).

Second problem......there is an imbalance between the two sides.....hmmmm....what to do what to do ;) 
 Some fun and simple decor in our home.  (*Always shop after Christmas and use the decor for next Christmas is usually our motto). 
 Until.......CRASH!!!!  Oh dear.  What happened?  It seems our Wright Family Fake Tree after about 10 years decided it was time to die- oh I mean the plastic stand busted!  We tried duct tape, and set it back up....which lasted for a few hours.....Ooooppsss. 
 Luckily the ornaments that busted.....
were saved by?  Super Glue!  Why don't they make that stuff in a bigger container?  I mean they obviously do not live in our home!

So we went out and bought a new Wright Family Fake Tree (UGH!  Are you serious?  We had to pay full price?- BOO!!)  But, it is up and all the ornaments bar a couple that couldn't be glued back together again are up!  Whew!

This pretty much reminded me of our recent news.  When our agency called- I felt busted and broken and down just like our tree.  I was sooo upset.

Thank the Lord for some serious prayer on your behalf!  God reminded me that HE was in the details of our adoption from the beginning.  He has been throughout this time, and HE has NOT LEFT US NOW!  Sometimes we have to get back up, brush ourselves off, thank God for what HE has already done, and know that no matter what - HE loves us and Michael since before the beginning of time.

Truth is....we will still adopt Michael.  Truth matter what date it is we couldn't love him more than we do now.  Truth is.....sometimes practicing forgiveness and patience is so very hard, and yet God still wants us to grow in those areas.  Truth is.....God always has a reason and we have to accept that.  We don't have to understand it....just trust.

I am trying really hard right now to cling to that!  To know that God wants my trust more than anything else!  To know that HE will LOVE ME JUST THE SAME whether we get good news or not so good news tomorrow.  PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!


  1. I was just thinkin' . . .

    of course you have a fake Christmas tree in FL,
    because really Christmas would feel fake in FL,

    of course you have snowmen on your stockings . . . fake snowmen,
    because you can't have real snowmen for Christmas in FL.

    I went to CA one year for Christmas,
    and it totally felt like a fake Christmas,
    with sunshine and beaches (you know how I love them)

    Ah the joys of living in the Pacific NW
    where we have real Christmas trees,
    where we have real snowmen,
    where we have real Christmas.

    Oh . . . if any of this is offensive,
    just blame it on my raging fever.


    :) :) :)

    1. crack me up. There are plenty of real trees, but you know....I guess we just bought a fake and never wanted to spend more money on real ones even when we were in Iowa. We just light candles that give us the wonderful scent instead. Growing up we had a real tree most of the time.

      Snowmen on stockings....I think when we started getting memory things for Christmas. I am a matchy kind of person and we didn't know how many children we would eventually have (HA back then we were thinking 3?) so we did snowmen because there are always snowmen things around. :)

      Growing up in Iowa...this totally doesn't "feel" like Christmas. BUT I don't have to scoop snow or have flight delays here ;). No heavy coats to take on and off and no mittens and hats. You should try teaching your children a list of "winter words" when you don't ever wear a scarf ;). he he he.....oh but we have theme parks, you can stay outside for hours and not freeze, and you can wear shorts pretty much year round. Oh and the beaches! he he he

      Hope you feel better soon!!!! Fever= no fun :(

  2. Hope you bought more "bears" for future kiddos! Too fun!!!! Merry Christmas :)