Saturday, December 15, 2012

Michael's Big Adventures's us the twins.  I know we are pretty cute aren't we?  We are just chillin' since the door was left open on this wonderful day here (remember this is FL it is around 77). 
 WHAT?  You think- NO you expect us to be in trouble don't you??  Well really, we are completely offended.  (do we look offended?)
 Oh I see go picking on the little cute guy why don't you?  What?  I mean look at my gorgeous eyes.  I am totally innocent. 
 Hmmm........this does look fun though. 
 Mommy never said I couldn't go out the front door.  Sooo.....
 Oh ooopppss- a step......too big for now....guess I turn and go the other way.....
 Hey look at that electrical cords!  You know I bet those would be fun.  No one is looking are they?
 Ok I skipped the cords (or should I say I crawled right over them).  Mommy said it was a bad idea or something.  Whatever? 
 You would think this concrete would hurt my knees and I would just stop, but......
 Hmmm.....let me  think about that........
 Nope not really.  I am curious what is out here......
 Ok mommy the tires look good! 
 OK now just to check out the underside of our big ol' van......
 Mommy are you still following me? 
 You are? 
 Ooooooo.....this looks like fun.  Some dead grass and a stepping stone.  Hmmmmm........I will check this out. 
 OK.  That's enough.....
 So this is what the end of the drive way looks like?  Hmmmm......
 OK.  I guess I am done with my adventures. 
Hey mommy that was fun!!!  Can we do it again???  PLEASE!!!!!! 

Whew!  I don't know about you, but these pictures seriously make me cry with a full heart.  You see I want Michael to explore, to play, to enjoy all life has to offer.  We do things all the time so that he can be a part of everything we do.  There are very few times we don't find a way for him to be involved. 

Look at him go!!!!!  I can tell you I am more than proud!!!!!  I just love seeing him go on his own little adventure- would I go outside in PJ's myself, to capture a little boy in part of his PJ's and a diaper....getting on the ground to snap pictures if I didn't? 

**No worries we live in a quiet neighborhood except for our house of course, and if they didn't already know that we were crazy, then it is only fair to tell them!

If there is one thing that days like yesterday that could totally devastate the whole of the US in one swoop can teach us.  It is to live life to the full!  Little man I love you with all my heart!  There is something within you that has captured my soul and I couldn't love you any more than I do!  I am soooo proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH AND HAVE YOU HEARD?  Michael is saying his name!!!!!!!!!  OH MY!!!!!!  No mistake about it!  He says it several times a day now along with other 2 syllable babbles and it is the best thing on the planet next to hearing him say momma and dadda of course ;). 

These are the moments........I love, love, love, love! 


  1. Wow! Such amazing, exciting progress for this little man! Praising God for His goodness!