Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Matthew Joseph Wright's 9th Adoption Day (December 22nd)

 Happy Adoption Day Matthew!!!!!  9 years ago today we adopted you!!!!!!  You were our first babe that came to us straight from the hospital.  A wee little guy who was a tad early and weighed 5lb 14oz. 
 You were just a month over a year old when we adopted you.  Very quick for a foster care situation!  There were of course "hiccups" in the waiting to see if you would be ours forever or not.  As there always are with any foster care situation or adoption.....permanent or not. 
 We praise God though that we were able to adopt you!!  Our 3 little cutie at the time and we thought at the time we were probably done having children ;).  3 babes in 3 years......and a lot of ups and downs......
 Our little man who we could fit inside a stocking when you first came home.  You make us laugh!
 You are cheeky!  Like the other day when you asked me to read something so you could try to sneak a drink of my Mt. Dew!  You like to bug, but really it is a part of trying to get someone's attention and play.  You sense of humor is different than most, but highly intelligent. 
 You still love to take things apart and see how they work.  You love to cuddle with your mom and also wrestle with your brothers.  You wished you were "bigger", but I love you just the way you are! 
You will always be my little man in my heart no matter how tall you get!  Just flash that smile and you have stolen my heart again. 
Isn't hard to see why!  You are my super hero Matthew!!!!!

**Have some catching up to do...... :)  as we just celebrated Elizabeth's Birthday yesterday- yes she is a Christmas baby....and tomorrow we celebrate Michael's Adoption Day too!!!  We will be having a celebration this upcoming Saturday.  If some of you actually live closer to the Brandon, Florida area and want to attend - email me :).  

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