Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bloggy Friends meet :)

 Hello everyone!   We have met with more bloggy friends :)  YEA!!!!
 So here are the Wallis'  :). 
 For some reason Anna doesn't have as much time to blog or something recently ;)
 Bet you know why don't you? 
 Because this angel whom they prayed for, pleaded with God over......got to become FINALLY a part of their family!!!!  YEA!!!!!  We got to meet her! 
 We met up at a local park while they were here for Thanksgiving visiting family. 
 We all had a bunch of fun!
 This is what we call fun in a box....meet thing 1 ;)  he he he he
 We got to talk about the wonderful challenges and celebrations of parenting special kiddos.  It is always a good thing to get to talk to others who understand the uniqueness of not just adoption, but children who have extra needs as well. 
 BOY OH BOY are WE PROUD of you Michael!!!!!!  Look at him!  I would have never thought he would be able to steady himself in his own swing (without the special seat). 
 He loved it!  He has done it before, but today he did it for an extended period of time!  YEA!!  It is always fun to think - how can I get him to work on his ab muscles without him fussing or thinking it's work.  Answer:  the swings- he loves to swing! 
 Look at this AWESOME family!  They have grown up babes too, but this little one gets to have them as parents now.  I love seeing how God puts families together.  It is not always an easy road.  Sometimes it gets  rough, but they are finding their way. 
 Watch out Michael....daddy is going to get you!  he he he he
 This picture didn't turn out well with the sun glare, but he is laughing away!  Beware the daddy.....
 This little girl is a daddy's girl too!  :)  Awwww.......come on daddy push me more! 
 Oh Elizabeth you are crazy fun! 
 Michael- look my daddy's got me :). 
 Oh Jonathan.....you are hilarious!  Look at that cheeky grin.  Reminds me of those first pictures we saw of you. 
 I know we are at the park, but daddy is a fun jungle gym all on his own too! 
 Oh dear - watch out it is the J's!!! 
 Look at her go!!!  She did so very well.  Climbing, adapting to a new environment, meeting new people.  That is quite a lot!  Go take a look at her blog, and if you have been there with many needs and a long road ahead of you, cheer her on.  Pray with me for sweet girl.  :) 
Just so you all know- we live in the Tampa area- WE LOVE GETTING TOGETHER WITH OTHER FAMILIES!!!!!!!  So, if you will be in the area, or Orlando - we can meet up half way or something let us know!!!  Nothing like putting a name to a face and getting to have fun too!!!  Promise we don't bite :).

OK so my next week gets a lot busier- we have another birthday tomorrow.....and next Tuesday is the big day!!!  Michael's Adoption Day!!!!  :) 


  1. Wow! Way to go on the swing Michael! Who would have thought?

  2. Grace has been home two years and has taught us so much about grace the verb.
    I am misty eyed seeing all the sneaky photos you took. Love them! It was a joy to meet you and actually talk person to person, I felt like we could become close friends instantly! I look forward to future trips to Tampa my friend.

    Thank you readers for your continued prayers for Miss Grace. I continually am reminded that this does not surprise God and that Grace is the same little girl she was before all of our new diagnoses. Continuing to trust in Him alone!

    1. No surprises.....but it is sometimes hard anyway. Love you guys!!!!!

  3. I was so excited to read this post!!! First, let me say what an adorable little gal! We'll be sure to pray for her. Second, woohoo Michael... that's amazing progress! Last, I can't believe the invitation to meet your family!!! You all are famous in my world ~ think celebrity status! I would love to meet up with you in January when we travel south from Missouri for the winter. I get so homesick leaving my friends for a month, but yay for meeting new ones! I'll have to pick your brain too about the fun places to go in Florida. You always have great pics of your kiddos having fun! Blessings, Denise

    1. He he he....awww... I feel very very loved! THANK YOU! I promise- we are totally just your average family. Maybe with a few more children than "average", but really.....

      Would love to meet up! :)

  4. How fun!!! I've met a one bloggy foster care friend and it's so awesome to "know" someone when you finally meet face to face.

    If we ever make our way to Orlando, we can definitely meet up! I would love to attend Empowered to Connect conference there in February, but sending hubby on a genealogy trip to Georgia instead.

    1. Oh bummer.....we plan to go to that. Maybe another time!!! Always love to meet people!!! :)

  5. looks like such a fun meetup!! i wish we had better playgrounds here. we have the same playground everywhere and NO SWINGS

    1. If you ever get to FL- we are definitely meeting up!!! We have loads of great playgrounds. Pretty sure the distance might just be a factor for you ;).

  6. We drove all the way across the country to meet you. :) When you moved, though, you were supposed to move closer, not further away. Miss your smiling faces. Can't wait to plan another cross country road trip.

    Yeah, Michael! That is so not the little boy I met not even a year ago. Wow, God!!!

    Love & Hugs


    1. I miss you so very much!!! Why is it we are at opposite sides of the US? :( BOO!!!

      Someday we will see each other again!

      Michael has grown soooo much! That is just in the last few months! Can't wait for you to see him again- he may be WALKING! Wouldn't that be AMAZING??? ONLY GOD!

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