Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Hello Bloggy Friends:  Asking for a HUGE MIRACLE NEEDED!

You see this cute little man?  Michael has been with us since February 8th.  We were told that FINALLY December 11th was to be his Adoption Day.  We of course like any adoptive parents- go all crazy....bought matching outfits, planned a celebration for that weekend following, and were in general going to go ALL OUT!  Because - well if you have adopted you know what this means.

This isn't just a 2 minute "court hearing".  It is soooo much more than that!  It is a legal document saying that this child is YOUR CHILD FOREVER!!!!  

So we were contacted yesterday by our adoption agency........that they had let our case fall through the cracks and well.....we may not be able to have our adoption on the 11th.  As you can imagine this threw this momma into all sorts of panic and UPSET!!!  I can't even describe.

Now.....this is "just a date", and we will adopt him.....even if it isn't on December 11th.  BUT- we are asking for a miracle!  We are coming before God and asking and pleading for the necessary paperwork to be completed and for favor with the right people seeing it and approving it.


I know I can count on all of you!!!  Your prayers mean so very much to our family.  I know you have prayed for us so much and each time we have felt God's Hands as He watches over our family. 

I hesitated in even sharing this, but i felt a prompting saying- this situation- no matter the outcome- is for HIS GLORY, and asking others to pray is a good thing.

***Quick update:  First I wanted you all to know that the agency was NOT Mother Goose, or anything to do with CAC!  When we went forward with the agency we did so based on a recommendation- and literally all they had to do was legalities.  :(  I do not wish to smear their name- only pray that those involved get things straightened out.

OK- so because Jason is now working from home- we were able to be able to get a fingerprinting apt TODAY!!! we need those prints to clear- preferably by tomorrow.  This can and has happened in the past, but it is by no stretch a guarantee.  We also need the cooperation of many other people in order for this to go through.  We may not know until Monday sometime.  Nothing like flying by the seat of your pants right? 

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!  You have no idea.  I am doing my best to find peace.  I do great and horrible in the same few minutes, but I KNOW THAT GOD HAS NOT LEFT HIS THRONE!  That I know.....and because of that....I also know that this whole thing is in His very capable hands.  Praise God- because if it were up to me....I would totally mess it up in so many ways.  


  1. Praying for the mamas heart to accept Gods will in it all. Keep your hands open my friend, it's all grace.

  2. Praying, Dawn...I know that you're SO disappointed about this. Praying that God will work a miracle.

  3. Oh I'm praying and if you could pray for us too. We need some paperwork back in order to finalize the 12th or the 19th and it's not looking like it will happen. We're already at 12 months since placement for a Florida adoption. Not CAC fault either. If you want feel free to email me or message me on facebook. I wonder if we're using the same agency.

    1. PRAYING for you too!! 12 months? That is crazy stuff!!!