Thursday, July 26, 2012

The You We Adore- by Valerie Westfall

This is a book we were asked if we wanted from the author.....Ummm.....YES!!!!

LOVE NEW ADOPTION BOOKS!!!!!!!!  This is one our kiddos LOVE!  We have a few in our home, some about international adoption, some about domestic adoption, of course none about foster care adoption- hmmm.....WE NEED MORE OF THOSE!

THIS BOOK however is a more general book about adoption that can be about any adoption WHICH I LOVE!  I LOVE that it applies to all adoptions.  I love the colorful pictures :)  It is a simple story line and not complicated and it makes it perfect!

You can't get it other places, but you can read the book online to see if you enjoy it as much as we did!!!  You can order it from HERE.   Makes a GREAT GIFT for others you know who are adopting- whichever way, and for your new child you brought home through adoption, or to help your children understand adoption and open the door to talk with them.  :)


book cover

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  1. YES!! We have this book too and absolutely love it!!

    Two Thumbs up from us too!!