Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And the winner is...........

 Brought to you by Jennie Allen author of Anything- the prayer that unlocked my God and my Soul!  As you can see my ridulous oldfashioned ways awesome mixing bowl served as the drawing hat.
 My very amused 10 year old Andrew who came and asked what I was doing taking a picture of the mixing bowl ;).
 OK mom is this what you wanted me to do?
 Yes, now who is it???
 IT IS SHELDON AND DENISE!!!!!!!!!!  Email me or facebook me your address so I can mail you the book!!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!  To the rest of you who didn't win the book- go buy it!  Seriously!  A challenge that is AWESOME!
 So as a consolation prize you get to see all the hard work that we did organizing the homeschool room.  and by we I really mean - me. 
 Our reading book, readers, and some storage for homeshool stuff too. 
 This is the craziness of sorting through things!
 The cubbies are done. 
 Now finally.........the room is done.  So here is a 360....

 This post has some "pep talk" about Loving your children, things to remember when you are disciplining your children, 10 point manifesto for Joyful parenting, the essential intimacy needs for everyone.....there right next to the changing table to remind me!!!  See- I am NOT Perfect, but having these up helps remind me!
 Our big unit with now all our games sorted by younger to older kid games.  As well as a shelf for all my current using books for school, and lots of activities to keep the kids busy and learning!  :)
 Cubbies looking neat- don't worry they only look this neat when I make them clean them up!  :)
 This is our school table which we pull out every day when we start.  With our world map, US map, and of course Enland maps too!

 This is my extension of the classroom- fridge phonics- best invention ever!  Prayer board with our sponsored children on it, as well as ministries we pray for. 
 Schedules on the wall- laminated of course. 
 Chores/responsibilities so no one has the excuse they didn't know or remember! 
This is the hallway going to the boys bathroom (enter totally at your own risk!) with a toy cubbie too.

Whew!  Well........hopefully this sickness has gone for GOOD!!!!!!  Praise the Lord and we can get back to some kind of normal around here so I can tell you a little more about our anything :).


  1. I just absolutely loved your school room! :)

  2. Looks great! Is that a swing hanging from your ceiling? Like the kind my son's OT has in her room? If so, I love it!

  3. Love your school room! Awesome place to learn!