Monday, July 30, 2012

The secret is OUT!!!!! Big CHANGE is coming!!!!!!

 Look doesn't it look like Michael is whispering to Joanna?  Awww........Maybe he is telling her the secret?  Of course you will have to scroll down further to skip to that part people!!!!
 Or maybe he is telling her his plans of getting into trouble by getting into anything in his reach.....which now is A LOT MORE STUFF!!!  He he he's kind of funny, but by the 9th child to get into things you are totally not as worried about "stuff" at all.  Or maybe it is just sooo awesome that he is getting into it- you don't care?  Either is AWESOME!!!
 Michael time for a hair cut!  Yea, he is happy in his high chair in the garage now, but not so much later.....
 Mommy is it ok that I got the glass candle holder to play with?  Ummmm.......let me it all UP WAY HIGHER!!!!
 Look mommy I am going to take pictures just like you do :)  TOOO CUTE!!!!!!
 And here is daddy's first time of giving Michael a hair cut....he was sooo nervous..... (the other hair cut he has had with us was at a hairdressers, but hey he gave it a go....and it came out really well- especially since this little man is a little bit squirmy!)
 Calm right now, later not as calm, but he did really well!!!!!!
 Hmmm...........I think Michael needs more love ;) 
 So here's a hint......the big change has to do with these faces......
 and this one.......
 And this one......
 and this one tooo.......
 oh dear- yes this one too.....
 What- yep this one too.........
 What change mommy?  You mean my diaper? sweetie.....but you are cute!
 He he he he.....I love my "Abilah"  (Joanna's name for Abigail). 
 Look at my new hair do.  Is that the change?  ummmmm  noooo...
 BUT you two are adorable together!!!!!
 Mommy....does it have to do with Michael....ummmm sort of......
 Look at me....I can do this.....
AND this.......

OK so the BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you may remember that when we moved here we prayed for a great ministry job.  Somewhere that Jason could work that would be awesome workplace.  Where he could be a part of a ministry team.  Where he could use his skills.  For the last 15 months he has been working for Meet The Need.  A GREAT MINISTRY that helps ALL CHURCHES that sign up and ALL MINISTRIES that sign up to connect!  It comes from the leader of the company Jim Morgan who left his big time job to start the ministry.  You see really for most of our country you have to go looking for opportunities to serve the community you live in, or where can I help out this weekend...I have time, or where can I give some great baby stuff that is still in great shape?  How can I really serve the homeless in our area?  NO IDEA right....UNTIL MEET THE NEED.  They help people really find a passion and live it out.  Want to donate things in  your home?  Want to serve in specific ministries, but not sure who to contact or those in your church don't have the same passion for that particular you are left hanging....not sure what to do?  Well MEET THE NEED is the answer that God put in Jim's heart to help people Meet those needs in our churches, in our communities, and really in our hearts.  And talking to Jim you can tell his passion for this- and it just makes you excited about what God is doing and going to do with this ministry!

As many of you know we have gone through some really BIG BIG BIG changes in our home.  Lots of struggles, lots of healing, and lots of work still to be done.  BUT, there is one piece that has felt a bit out of place.  It has nothing to do with Meet the Need.....they are an amazing organization serving the Lord and our communities by the way it is NATIONWIDE now :).  It was just something......something that hasn't felt right.  Again, trying to make it work, but God had other plans. 

You see......the joke was when Jason started there that there was another organization there that Jason would be perfect for.  There is donated office space where several Christian non profits work.  That organization- 4 Kids of Tampa.  What is 4 Kids?  Well.....let me tell you!  Or I will just steal what is on their website.....4KIDS of Tampa is a faith-based non-profit organization that focuses on recruiting safe, loving and stable foster families and others from the community of faith to help children who have been removed from their home due to abuse, neglect and/or abandonment. 4KIDS of Tampa is committed to supporting foster families and foster children. Our goal is to make sure that every child has the opportunity to experience the life they deserve and become productive and influential members of society.

This joke seemed crazy to us....we had never heard of ANY organization that actually helped children in foster care and foster families in this kind of way- EVER!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!  Seemed too good to be true.  After experiencing soooo much in foster care where we wished we would have had ANY KIND OF MENTORING, ENCOURAGEMENT, ETC........

Jason will be starting for 4 Kids in the next monthish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems like a dream come true.  AGAIN- NOT that Meet the Need isn't GREAT!!!  Because IT IS!!!!!!

BUT- anyone who looks at our family.  Sees and hears Jason talk about children in need- it is pretty much like reading my blog.  Just a male voice ;).  You can tell that is where his heart is!!!!!!  His gifts are a great fit for this organization as well.  In person encouragement, teaching families about being a foster parent, going to trainings on helping others in their sometimes difficult walks with their kiddos, helping plan for respites, helping plan events for foster families, etc.  UMMM.......SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!

It is hard for us only because we don't - dislike Meet the Need, this is kind of like leaving an organization you care about, but knowing that this opportunity is what you were born for!!!  How do you do that and not hurt feelings?  It is hard.  That is why we ask for your prayers as this change happens!!!!

Jason is sooo thrilled to stand up for the fatherless!  To help families like ours!  To encourage!  To shepherd new families!  To teach skills and realities (as much as one can) about helping children to heal!  To encourage and connect with all those who are already helping support foster families in our area- have I mentioned there is a real movement in our area - Brandon, FL- to minister and get serious about these beautiful children??  Cause there is!!!!!!! we ask for your prayers for Meet The Need- as they need to replace Jason and find someone who is AMAZING to really help this growing ministry TAKE OFF even more!!!!!!!

We ask for prayers for 4 Kids as they have needed someone for a while now and really needed help a while ago!!!

PRAY for Jason as he is trying to not be caught in the middle.  He is really trying hard to be what he needs to be for this transition.  It is a hard place to be.  THANK YOU for your prayers!!!!!

Celebrate with us these 2 AMAZING ministries and what they do for sooo many others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. WOW!!!! Praying for this transition :) How exciting!

  2. This sounds like the PERFECT job for him and your family!!!!! Praying for you guys! :) Love knowing you!

  3. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on Wrights!! God is doing amazing things through Y'ALL!!!!

  4. I just had someone tell me that "not every need is a calling." There is nothing like being called by God to a ministry that uses ALL of your gifts. What a beautiful tribute you wrote to both organizations that exist to help others. Be blessed as you navigate the change. Hard but very good.

  5. That is SUCH a God story!! So exciting!!!

  6. Definitely so exciting!! Praying for you all & the transition! God is so amazing!!!!!