Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 37th Birthday Jason!!! (Sunday)

 To my handsome hubby!!!!  Yes that is a picture of him when he was little.  he he he he he......
 Now what man with a table full of children could want any more?  :) 
 So here he is opening up more cards..... (Michael couldn't wait for he has already had some ;) 
 And what did he get for his birthday?  Well what else do you get when you are turning 37?
 A spring pool float!!!!  Hey, people, we don't spend mega cash!  It isn't what we do here.  AND I promise it is what he wanted.
 I have no idea what daddy was doing, but it evidently was funny to Joann.
 Awww.....Sarah.....that paper makes you look so....ummm......well normal for you!  :)
 Boys reading the Sunday comics........
And here is the Birthday Boy taking a relaxing float.  I gave him a full 20+ minutes before I let the kids out!

To my handsome hubby who would rather have a pool float and 9 children than a fancy car and no children.  To my hubby who works hard repairing things in his spare time so we can save money and not replace things.  To a man who will go to any lengths to connect to his children!!!

To a man who is fun to be around, love me, and tells me that every day!  To a man who rushes home from work and can't wait to be with me.  To a man that although could cook a million times better than me (it is what his degree is in- catering and management), but would NEVER criticize me in the kitchen.  To a man who is leading me and our family to get closer to God!

To a man who gives up sleeping in to spend time with God!  To a man who loves our church and wants to volunteer to help.  To a man who is passionate about adoption and foster care and is not afraid to tell others!!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!  And that is a LOT OF LOVE.....from Dawn, Abigail, Andrew, Joshua, Matthew, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Michael, and Joanna :)

**If you still want to enter to win the book Anything....just leave a comment on this post or the last one- :)  If you share it on facebook or your blog and link it up let me know and you will get another entry!  An amazing book!!!!!!  Read about it!  I will be sharing about what a difference it has made to my thinking and how God has of course once again proved Himself AWESOME in our lives.  But.....that post is in the making and may take a while to get all the thoughts and parts put together.  Believe me when I say- AWESOME!  :)


  1. What a wonderful post of love about your hubby!!! Just shared about the book on facebook! Blessings!

  2. happy birthday! You are all so cute! love you dearly!

  3. Oops! You forgot Matthew when you "signed" this post. Can't keep track of your kids, can you. :)

    Happy Birthday, Jason! That looks like a pretty nice float. And . . . 20 minutes alone in the pool? Definitely a Birthday Treat!

    Hope you all are doing well. We miss your smiling faces!!!

    Laurel & the Gang :)

    1. Well you know.....sometimes you forget a name here and know like when you call them all to get in the car because you are leaving :) he he he

  4. A beautiful post Dawn and warms my heart to read it. I used to go and hide in the bathroom when I wanted some peace, partly because I didn't have a pool (in England!!!!) and there was a lock on the door, but Jason would talk to me through the wall!!!! Love and miss you all. xxx P.S. Thanks for the lovely music too every time I open your blog.

  5. Just found your blog and I also just read about "Anything" on another blog yesterday.
    I'm intrigued and would love to read it.