Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy 15th Anniversary to us!

 This is what our table looked like yesterday morning.  :)  Awwww........
 My big card for Jason......yep, homemade love here!!!  Way better than store bought :)
 Awww.....who is that crazy couple in that picture??  :)
 Card from family........  notice the #1 card on the table?  That is some homemade love from my hubby!!!  Oh and he did 15 of them!!!  YES HE DID!!!!  And they were the best cards ever!!!!!  15 AMAZING reasons why he loves me, with scriptures, and examples too!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!  YES I LOVE YOU JASON DALE WRIGHT- FOREVER!!!!!  :)
 This was a gift from me to him.....glasses that say bride and groom on them.  We used them - with Mt. Dew of course later in the day, but they also held the Lindt white chocolate truffles I got him really well too!  :)
 hmmmmm...not sure how to change the picture, but this is a gift from him to me......we love the willow statues :). 
 Close up of the glasses (by the way 15 anniversary is glasses were as close as I got to that). 
 YUMMY!!!!!  One of our favorites!!!!!
 The HUGE bouquet of White roses....which I had in my bouquet on our wedding day!!!!!!!!  YES he did that on purpose.....he asked me later if I knew why he had gotten white ;).  That's my man!!!
 So here is the inside of my card......looonnnnngggg written part talking about a summary of our 15 years together.  Along with varying pictures of our family through the years.  The big black and white picture on the right?  That was us getting ready to lifeguard back when we first met at Camp Wesley Woods!  Crazy huh?  We were that young :) 
 The kids liked the pictures....
 Yes baby.....that was really swimsuits and at the pool!
 Looking at all the pictures....notice the baby Elizabeth is pointing to?  That was HER!!!  OYE where does the time go?  Although we have to say......she looks a lot like Joanna!!!! flowers....too bad you can't smell them!!!!!  We had a GREAT DAY yesterday!!!!

Jason had to work from home because I had to take Michael in for his ABR- hearing test when they give you "sleeping medicine".  The great news his left ear is clear and he has all of his hearing in that ear!!!!  Not so great news....his right ear tube was "plugged up" and they couldn't get any readings in that ear.  :(  Which is a concern because before tubes that is the ear that he had no hearing in then too- lots of fluid.  Sooo......just scheduled him for another apt at the ENT.  So we will see what will happen next.  Hopefully they can "clear out the tube" and we will have to schedule another ABR in the future....and pray we can get a reading.

On to GREAT NEWS about Michael- he climbed the bottom step!  As in BOTH KNEES on the step!!!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!!!  Go Michael!!!!! on with our day.  After finishing up work for the day Jason and I headed out to my favorite restaurant.  Of course there isn't any of my favorite restaurants close by- TEXAS ROAD HOUSE!!!!!  So we traveled to Lakeland.  YEP, because my man is AMAZING!

We had a great server there named Brittney who we got to share a bit about our family with.  It was a great time with great food, and good conversations about our family and how far we have come.  This last year in our marriage we have had  some pretty big bumps in the road.  I mean BIG.  There were times when giving up would have been easier for sure!

BUT GOD!  God gave us the gift of each other there are times when we step on that gift, forget about the gift altogether, kick the gift, definitely forget to take care of our gift, leave the gift unopened for days, weeks, or longer, shout rude things at our gift, put the gift back in the box and tell the Lord- you gave me the wrong gift Lord.......but none of those things work.  We have to choose to open the gift, take care of the gift, choose to love the gift even on those hard days when the gift doesn't love us, be respectful of God's gift even if they are not respectful of us.....and CHOOSE LOVE!  Choose to remember this is indeed A GIFT!!!!

I PRAISE GOD WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP!!!  With that has come more hard days, and more GREAT DAYS TOO!!!!  More deeper learning about each other!  More deeper love and respect than could ever have happened with not going over those bumps in the road!  God really did know what He was doing........go figure ;).

***Oh and there is an unspoken prayer request for our family (it is not another child...yet, or anything to do with our marriage- although prayer is always appreciated).  :)  Thanks!!!!


  1. YAYY 15 years! AWesome! The gifts and cards are totally precious! Thanks for sharing! I hope your day was filled with love and laughs. And romance. ;-)

  2. Happy Anniversary! We have our anniversary this month too! July 24th it will be 30 years! I was so excited to hear you were in our "neck of the woods" going to Lakeland! We live about 20 minutes from there! Loved your card!
    Jenny Goff

    1. I don't know if I knew you were close by?? Hmmm....we need to schedule a get together!!! :)

  3. Dawn, you are a continual amazing testimony. Congratulations on the fifteen probably hardest bestest years of your life. :)

  4. Always praying for your family.

  5. So glad that your anniversary was BLESSED!!!

    I know all about "bumps in the road", and am most thankful that we will be celebrating our 30th next month. :)

    Praying for your unspoken request.

    Love & Hugs & Prayers,

    :) :) :)