Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Jonathan Caleb Wright!

 Look at this cutie!!!!!  How adorable is he?
 Love this can see his cheeky look!  Makes me want to squeeze him!
 Daddy reading his cards for him.....
 And well this little man is just adorable and needed a picture taken :)  We love his "rockstar" hair :)!  Awwww......
 Loved his cards......
 And his reader books.......
 WHAT?  A spiderman suit? did you know I was Spiderman mom?
 Oh man.....sooo handsome!
 Joanna didn't like it when he put on the mask.  We kept explaining it was only Beak (his nickname). 
 Oh and a Yoda!  Because he has to keep up with his brothers who all love star wars!  And they call him Yoda :)
 Did I mention that when you turn 5 in our home there are a few things that you get with that rite of passage.

 1) you get a plastic box.  Sounds silly, but in this home there are usually lots of little fingers that tend to break things that you really like.  So my answer to that....when you turn 5 you get a box that you can put stuff into that is yours.  No one else is allowed to get in your box.  A huge privilege that he couldn't wait for! 

2) you get to stay up at nap time.....provided you can do the quiet time rotation without disrupting everyone.  This is when our kids rotate between reading, writing, playing quietly, doing computer work, etc.  SOOOOooo......if they can do those "stations" without getting out of control they get to stay up at nap time.  If not.....we take naps until we can :).

3) you officially (umm...yes I do things with the littles too but separately and in very short spurts) start school!  This is something they look forward to in our home!!!!  Jonathan can't wait to officially sit at the table with the big kids and start learning.  Now here we do a one room school house approach.  Lots of time we teach to in levels that go all the way from K to Jr. High level.  It is hard to maybe explain, but it is fun because a lot of times our K students know the times tables before they even can write their full name.  :)  Oh all works and needless to say he wants to be like his older sibs!
 Shooting that web! sweetie!!!
 OK- don't laugh.....this is the first cake I have made on my own from scratch besides cheesecake.  He of course had chocolate which has been his favorite since the airport on the way back from Ethiopia!  He is hooked on chocolate. 
 OK you go....
 I know I keep saying it, but seriously.... I Love You Jonathan Caleb Wright!!!!
 You can light up the room with your cute giggle, your smile, and your cheeky face!  You are smart, funny, and playful.  You care about your little brother and sister with a sincere heart.  You look up to your older siblings and like to repeat what they do.  You tell me all the time if the next child we get could be your age :).  he he he......  The biggest age gap we have in our family is between Jonathan and our "twins"- almost 3 years.  Hey, in our family that is huge!
Jonathan Caleb Wright you are a Blessing and a Joy in our lives!!!  We thank God for you!!  That God led us to Ethiopia.  People say he is sooo lucky, but they have no idea how completely wonderful you are and how Blessed we are. 


  1. Happy birthday. Guess you need to fill in that age gap : )

  2. I hear you on the spacing. 4 of ours are 18 mos apart. Biggest gap is 3.5 years.