Monday, May 7, 2012

Jonathan's 3rd Adoption Day (last Friday)

 That smile is sooo wonderful!!  Jonathan Caleb Wright we love you soooo very much and could not imagine our lives without you in it.  So glad we were called to Ethiopia to adopt.  We think and pray daily for your birth family.  If you want to know what his birth mom looked like- look at Jonathan! 
 Jonathan came to us at 1 1/2 years old.  We flew out the day after Christmas to Ethiopia- what an amazing Christmas gift!!!!  We received his referral August   so we had to wait about 4ish months to see you.  Which of course was waaaayyyyy tooo long.  Waiting for the courts to close and reopen and then waiting for the Central Agency in Ethiopia to be created.  We had 3 court dates .....and passed none of them because we had to wait......and wait.......and wait.  One of the great parts is we traveled well before the 2 trip rule that is in place now.  So we didn't have to experience leaving and coming back to get you- whew!  We used All God's Children International as our agency- WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They were professional, very picky in a good way, and so caring all the way through the process.  Not to mention they prayed with us on the phone a few times.  Nothing like the power of prayer!!

(We also remember all the time your sister who passed away a week before her court date- our Hannah Grace.  She had spina bifida and scoliosis, but she was perfect!  The loss we felt was overwhelming, but we Thank God that HE brought you to us.  There will always be a little bit of comfort knowing that you were there at Hannah's Hope transition home with her for a little while.  You may have never known it, but your sister was there being loved on just as you were transitioning to this new place.)
 Oh and have I mentioned that Jonathan LOVES his little brother?  Because HE TOTALLY DOES.  And here is what Michael does during our celebrations :)
 What?  spiderman.....
 Daddy- taking a closer look!  Or is he just wanting to play with your toys???  ;)
 Joanna and Abigail- best buds!
 The traditional celebration sign :) 
 Jonathan what cake would you like for your adoption day?  No way- you want chocolate?  he he he he....

When we went to pick you up we brought all kinds of candies with us (not that we would bribe you or anything? ;)  and you wanted nothing to do with fruity, gummy, suckers, or anything of the kind.  On the way home in the airport we bought chocolate....and you have loved it since then.  As you used to say- chockick.  (in your sweet soft voice). 
Note we are in our pjs in the beginning pictures because we open presents first thing!  We are in our pjs again for dinner because we went swimming before dinner :)  he he he he.....

Oh and this is a celebration of his American adoption since we weren't there at his Ethiopian adoption- in fact we hadn't met him then yet.  

Sweet boy who can't wait to be like his older brothers, has the softest voice ever- until he gets really upset, loves super heros, loves cuddles, is a mommy's boy (even though in Ethiopia you wanted nothing to do with me at all), and has the cutest giggle!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!!  THANKFUL TO GOD DAILY FOR YOU :)

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  1. Happy Adoption Day, Jonathan! You are such a beautiful boy, and I know that you bring such joy to your family! Blessings to all of you!