Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sarah's 8th Birthday (last Saturday)!!!!!!

 Happy 8th Birthday Sarah Joy Wright!!!!!!!!  Our JOYFUL PRINCESS!!!!
 You are 8 today which for some is just another birthday, but in our home it means you are an "older".  You get to stay up to 8pm instead of 7pm.  You get to watch the Little House On The Prairie series :).  You get to be included on the discussions with the other "olders".  So you can see why this is such a big deal!!!!!
 Sarah so far has done really well with this new "privilege" and responsibility.  WAHOOO!!!!!!
 To my sweetheart......you came to us just a couple weeks after your first birthday.  You were sleeping when the social worker handed you over to my arms.  You had my heart from the beginning.  We got a call asking if we would take you and your big brother Joshua in for a while.  We said YES! 
 We went that day from 3 children to 5 all age 5 and under :).  We had 4 of you in diapers.
 It was tough work.  Your situation with foster care was HARD!  There were many people wanting the best for you, and some that worked against that.  There were too many ups and downs to even remember off the top of my head.  The only thing that was consistent was that WE LOVED YOU NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

Even through the craziness of 3 years..........there was one other thing that was consistent- YOUR SMILE!  WE LOVED THAT!!!!  You were named Sarah Joy because your older sister Abigail (Abigail means source of joy) and we thought those names went together well.  Sarah Joy means Princess Joy :).  Even through your hardest struggles your smile comes through!!!!  You have such a strength!!!! 
 So Happy Happy Birthday!!!  We are so very proud of you and all that you have come through and accomplished in your life!!!  We pray daily that God will continue to allow your JOY to shine through!!!!!
 For Sarah's Birthday we went to the beach....there are a lot of pictures....so don't fear you will see them :)   On the way home we went to Dairy Queen (since daddy couldn't do the lemon meringue pie you wanted that day because of our outing- don't fret we will still do it this week). 
 Wanna guess who our kiddos who love attention are????  He he he he..... ;)
 These two are best friends and sooo much alike.  Which means they fight well together too ;)
 Awww.......loving little brother!!!!!
And....ummm.....yes- MICHAEL LOVES ICE CREAM!  So much so that after tasting a little bit to even see if he you take any he grabbed the spoon out of my hand and shoved it in his mouth.  So I told his eating/speech therapist today that teaching him to eat would be easy- just feed him ice cream :).  A boy after my own heart.


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Happy Birthday, Sarah!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah . . . from the D. Family. We love you!

    :) :) :)