Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Mothers Part 2

 More beach pictures for your enjoyment :)  From May 5th at Siesta Key Beach. 
 Dear Mothers......

I feel there is so much negative in the world about what we do.  There is sooo much GUILT!  AND I FOR ONE DO NOT LIKE IT!  It drags me down.  Makes me feel awful, and ruins my fun with my children.  So today I want to encourage you to let go of this nasty thing that was not intended for you!
 You see God wants us to LOVE HIM, PRAISE HIM, AND SHOW HIM!  That is what we are meant to do.  If the decision over how we raise our children has nothing to do with the above- then really it is not that important!  I mean think about that for a minute.  Those little irritations that happen.  The times when they didn't fold the laundry and instead they threw it on the floor....under their bed.  Yea, it is annoying, and it should be corrected, but other than that - it is not the MOST important. 

Ha ha ha ha....now for us who may be a little bit OCD ok- maybe A LOT!  It is hard for us to let go of the fact that our homes don't look perfect at all times.  That beds aren't made.  THE IMPORTANT PART I WANT TO SAY TODAY IS- DON'T LET IT OVERTAKE YOU!  Don't let that creep in and steal the true joy of having children! 
 Think about it this way......if your child grows up and is messy, or doesn't fold laundry the best will you care?  What about if your child doesn't have a personal connection with Christ?  Will you care then?  Which is most important?  Yep- that helped me put it into perspective too! 

(and you thought I wrote this blog for you, but mostly I do it to remind myself!!!  Just sayin')
 This Earth - you only get one time around.  You only get one shot.  Which is why we feel so guilty because we feel like our shot wasn't or isn't good enough.  We feel like we have failed to much.  WELL NOW LET'S REMEMBER THE BASICS AGAIN!!!  We are here to LOVE HIM! 
 If we are busy LOVING THE LORD- we will love our children to the best of our ability.  In that our children will see this love and you know what they say- children repeat what they see!!!!
 If we are busy PRAISING HIM with our abilities- cooking, cleaning, craftiness, encouraging, hugging, correcting in love, singing, playing instruments, serving at church, serving in the community, changing diapers (what you don't think that is a talent- just let a 4 year old do it he he he.....you'll see!), picking up toys and stuff around your home that seems to collect faster than you can blink (now this is a talent too- it shows you can take care of things), doing laundry even when the piles go up to the ceiling, and well there are at least a million things you do.  If you don't believe me then write them all down one day- you will be amazed!

Again, your children see you doing these things- or at least a few (he he he....don't know if you can call what I do cooking?  ;)  but hey, I can do some great things too) and they will see your work and dedication to them, to your husband, to caring for things and people!
 If we are busy Loving God- they will see it in our dedication to reading scriptures (DOES NOT mean that we are perfect in this area!!!).  They will see that we love Christ in our eyes when we sing a joyful melody to Him.  They will see it when we act out a Bible Story with them.  They will see it when we talk about God's Love for us and them! 
 It really is that simple.  When you think about your list of things to do today- which are the things that are most important?  Those are the things to take seriously.  The things that need the most attention. 
 NOW- I will be the first to admit that this is easy to say, but TAKE HEART!!!!  Remember to TAKE JOY!  Parenting is JOYFUL!  Those little smiles (amongst the cries), the new skills learned, the touch initiated by your child, the hugs given, the giggles at bedtime, the smile when you allow something like chocolate milk, the times you get to say YES to them. 
 I pray today you will once again be ENCOURAGED!  Mother's Day is over, and I hope you still have your cards.....oh I love to look at them and see them often.  It reminds me to sloooowwww down. 
 Of the important things- like playing with my kiddos instead of stressing out at them. 
 I pray you know HOW IMPORTANT YOUR JOB IS!!!!!!  One that can bring sooo much JOY!  If we as moms could just join together and help release that guilt.  For the working momma who wants to be at home but can't, for the birth moms who tried to think of another way, for the single moms who - let's just be honest I have NO idea how you do it!  For the moms whose children have "flown the coop".  For the moms who are broken because their babes- even though they were taught about Jesus, are choosing other paths.  For the mom who has known the agonizing pain of losing a child.  Oh......my heart stops. 
 MOMS- let's stand together and encourage, encourage, encourage each other!!!  Let's rise up together and help each other out!  PRAY for each other!  Love each other wherever you are at!  Love the mom who is struggling in the grocery store (that goes for me....if you see me and my little man is having a hard day and is tired, and 2 of my blessings aka escape artists are sneaking away, or someone runs the cart into the nice display- please have mercy on me!), love the family at the restaurant who look worn out and the children are running around, love the children who are struggling with discipline!!!!  It is a hard job!!!  So if you are tempted to load on some guilt by a nasty glare- TURN AWAY and PRAY INSTEAD!  Better yet- go up to them and ask to pray with them and for them!!!
 Because it is easy when your babe is sleeping and the epitome of cuteness!!!!  Not so easy when they get crabby or you get crabby either way. 
GOD HAS CALLED US!!!  YOU AND ME SISTER!!!!  To LOVE as HE LOVED!  To FORGIVE AS HE FORGAVE!  WE have the next generation of Christians in our arms, homes, and laps!!!!  Give it all you got!!!!  KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED BY THE ALMIGHTY WHO CREATED YOU AND YOUR CHILD!!!!!!!


  1. Love this post and love you :)

  2. I want to come play on the beach with you. Just sayin'. :)

    I like a clean house as much as the next mama, but I will NEVER REGRET leaving the clutter on the counter, and taking my children ... to the park ... to the beach ... to the zoo ... or even just out to the backyard to play. Nope. I don't regret it at all.

    I don't regret making quick and easy meals, in order to have more time to read to my kids, or play games.

    I don't regret teaching my kids how to cook and clean ... because our family is all about TEAM WORK ... because when we all work together we all have more time to play together.

    It is HARD to get rid of the mommy guilt when grown children are piling it on, but I do know that I did the very BEST that I could ... that I poured my LIFE into my kids ... that I trained them up with the focus of loving and serving the Lord (which most of them are doing). I really don't have any regrets from how I parented my 6 big kids. And, now I'm doing my best to parent the 6 young ones. :)

    Keep preachin' sister! Love to hear your heart.

    Laurel :)

  3. Great post (again!). And love how Michael is sitting up so well on those photos!